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August is a 7 Universal Month

This month is all about what we did or didn’t do last year, this certainly gives us a lot to think about. We are given the opportunity to review and see where we need to add to balance. We can take this time for learning and to add to our spiritual side. Remember this is also a time when secrets are told to us, or from us, remember silence is golden. Opportunity to make things from last year work work for us in a more loving and caring way. You may find that legal can become an issue during this month, not necessarily yours but someone who is close to you. You will also find that the imagination will be on overtime, dreams and or nightmares, trying to decide which is truer. You will be as a sponge and much will be offered as well as demanded. The imagination will work overtime, lets not be so hard on ourselves or others. Share love and light, we all need it.



Life Changes Using Visualization

The ability to create changes in our lives is quiet easy if we use our ability to create changes in our emotional side, to create the look we want to hold onto in our physical health as well using through visualization. This is the simple exercise of holding an image in your mind’s eye.

Visualization works with the visual cortex, the part of the brain that processes what we see. When not processing information from the eyes only, we are “seeing” on a different level, the visual cortex works in a way that affects the emotional and physical states.

To visualize, you allow yourself to a state of deep relaxation. When you are relaxed, picture the image that you want to have as your desired goal, keep this image in your mind’s eye.

Allowing your self to be more specific about what you desire the more the sensory stimulation assist you in being effective with your visualization. The ideas we product to stimulate create a greater link between your visual cortex and involuntary nervous system, see yourself relaxed and feel the sense of peace around you. Think of the smells that stimulate you and how loving you feel towards those you care about. Picture yourself, in a space that makes you feel calm and relaxed, being in a meadow, by a stream, things that stimulate your tranquil space.

If you find that you have trouble visualizing things in detail, use a picture that you have seen that gives you those warm feelings, allow the self to be apart of that picture. After you’ve relaxed, think of the things that are positive past events in your mind’s eye. What were the colors that gave you good feelings, how did you feel around certain colors. What were the aromas surrounding you, were there special sounds, like birds, music, the wind even the sounds from silence. Keep your mind on the things that make you feel like your successful in reaching into the inner mind and you will find that you’ll have more success visualizing for short periods during your day giving you a feeling of relaxation and peace. Five minutes a day can give you as much as you need to keep your spirits up and going forward.

You can use visualization to create real-life changes, whether they have to do with any part of the life, work, relationships, or self-image. Visualization can be a very useful tool in alleviating health problems along with the required medical care. Experience real relief from some pain by visualizing an intense white light directed at the painful area. Allow the self to touch the area when possible as it stimulates heat and healing. People have accelerated the healing process using visualization, they are more easily treated and are more open to options that help reduce pain and suffering of illnesses and or emotional stress. If you suffer from illness or emotional stress, you may find that the tool of using visualization an extremely useful to guide for you.