May 2019 is a 8 Universal Month 3 Universal Year

The Eight Personal month is a time for accomplishment and doing and taking advantage of situations – most beneficial to your growth in the business world – about your wanting to expand or enhance your finances. This is a time when there can well be advancement or opportunities, and a time to receive recognition. This is a time when you should approach life with self-confidence and avoid being overly sensitive. Keep your perspective at all times as this will give you greater insight on what is to come.

You can accomplish a lot this month so do take advantage of situations that are offered you. Things can be most beneficial to you financially but do know that you are also likely to feel some strain over your finances as your trying to make ends meet this month. Things may cost more but you can also make more this month. The best part is you will have all the energy necessary to make things happen. As your self-confidence returns your energy grows.

Do bite your tongue when it comes to discussing money issues, how much do you earn, or what did it cost are not relevant to what your doing and or working on. This is true for you or those you’re talking with. This month is about that good head on your shoulders and what you can do to enhance your finances. Remember that mental works best and you can leave the menial things to others, but don’t over do the supervising when you do. Stress may be created with authority figures but doesn’t last long. Lead and you will find that things settle down, especially if you are willing to assist others as they can see that you recognize their efforts. Just don’t over do it. Keep your perspective as this will give you a greater insight in what it to come and how to achieve more.

 Positive and Negative side to the number 8

Good at delegating and initiating things and likes to be in charge. Material success, be disciplined and responsible. Add’s to your self-confidence. Walks their talk which is certainly an asset.

They can be disloyal if the feel ignored or have feelings of being slighted.
Possibility of having a temper could be dicatorial or even materialistic. Inconsiderate and rebellious.

The eight year, month or day can have to do with your accomplishments or taking risks. Opportunities and the material side for business or business dealings, expect results and do take advice and do plan ahead.

Understanding Your Personal Numerology Chart

Understanding your Personal Numerology Chart is like having your own GPS to take you to the future. Your life is like a road map, you have choices, to take the long trip and see it all, or the shorter version gets you there quickly but you can miss a lot of good things on the way. With your own personal GPS you can make choices, to save time, pain, or energy to get you where you want or need to be.

March is universally 8 month, all about our finances, investments, taxes and wanting to be in control.

Regardless what your personal month is in March, you will still be affected by the universal month. Your personal issues will have the added effect of the monetary side.

To find your personal month, add your month and day together, reduce to a single digit.

Ex. July 3 7+1= 8 to 8 + 3 for March = 11/2 personal month

For March your personal month number added to the 8 universal month number for March.

Universal 8 month with a;

Personal 1 month; May find self at odds wanting to win. Strong business and career combination.

Personal 2 month; Should tone down pursuits.

Personal 3 month; Control of your ego.

Personal 4 month; Karmic, expect some disagreements about finances.

Personal 5 month; Need to loosen up and be more expressive and restrained.

Personal 6 month; Good for business but can be emotional in relationships.

Personal 7 month; To competitive to be cooperative, reason bring career potential.

Personal 8 month; Power is the name of the game, can accomplish much now.

Personal 9 month; Emotionally disruptive, but great with philanthropic side.

Numerology 101

Your Personal Year and Ruling Planet
by Patricia Kirkman

For those interested in Astrology and Numerology I want to give you an extra bit of information about your personal year.

You can acquire additional information by looking at your personal year along with the planet that rules what personal year your in.

(How to calculate your personal year)

The 1 personal year is ruled by the SUN – your individuality, what others see.

One – Fresh starts and new beginnings, about the self, business success, not emotional success, being a leader.

Color – Red

The 2 personal year is ruled by the MOON – emotions, instinct, the personality, reaction without thinking. What you see.

Two – Partnerships, peacemaker, sensitive, team player, emotional, form important relationships.

If its an 11/2 personal year its ruled by PLUTO – much power, difficult to understand. Signifies rebirth, transformation.

Color – Orange

The 3 personal year is ruled by JUPITER – good luck success in generosity expansiveness and abundance.

Three – Good communication skills, interested in art or music, creative, dreamer. Optimistic and or pessimistic.

Color – Yellow

The 4 personal year is ruled by the SUN – your individuality, what others see.

Four – Detailed, interested in work and how to handle things by the book. Obedient, frugal, finances.

But a 22/4 personal year is ruled by URANUS – change and originality, sudden events and opportunities creates in sciences.

Color – Green

The 5 personal year is ruled by MERCURY – planet of is associated with communication and intellect and short trip travel.

Five – Year of major changes, good to bad, bad to good. Free spirit, usually with people who are younger or act younger. Personal freedom. Short distance travel.

Color – Tan

The 6 personal year is ruled by VENUS – love and pleasure, the ability to express affection.

Six – Family is important, home, decorating and working on behalf others. Likes things done perfect. Relationship and care for friends, family. Be willing to compromise.

Color – Blue

The 7 personal year is both the MOON and NEPTUNE – emotions, instinct, the personality, reaction without thinking. What you see. Neptune is the mystery and the illusion, the imagination.

Seven – Perfect year for teaching, learning and working on the spiritual side of life. Things to do with the law may come up, contracts etc. Faith. Craves silence.

Color – Purple

The 8 personal year is ruled by SATURN – responsibility, strength of character, ethics of hard work.

Eight – Leading is the name of the game. Financial year, making money or leading. Learn to delegate, prestige and reputation. Good business sense.

Color – Grey

The 9 personal year is ruled by MARS – physical energy and governs the sex drive the forceful side and relationships the sensual side.

Nine – Finish, assistance to others. Emotional year. Wrapping up what has happened over the past 8 years. What we do and can do for others being impersonal. Long distance travel

Color – Gold


What the house or apartment your living in expects from you

Do you feel it’s that time of year when people are relocating for work, or looking for that new house they have wanted to upgrade or downgrade to. Did you ever get the feeling you were living in the wrong place? Do you feel safe and secure or just uncomfortable and frustrated? You can discover your connection with the house or apartment you live in through numerology.

Add together the numbers in your address, and reduce them down to one number.

For example 9208 Maple = (9+2+0+8 = 19 9+1= 10 1+0=1)

House numbers that reduce to:
One – This may be for those who are independent are creative and original. Like to run their own affairs and work well as a head of a committee. Tend to be proud. If these traits haven’t yet come to the surface this is a great place to fulfill these need.

Two – The house would attract quiet people or those that do well in the diplomatic and tactful way of dealing with others. A person who would be dictatorial would not be comfortable in this house. Good place for partnership both business or family.

Three – Happiness and creative side of the issues that take first place. Good place to entertain as it is a good house for creative talent that will certainly take over and your talents can certainly thrive here.

Four – This house is a place that will create a lot of practical energy. Looking for the basics and an honest approach to life and how to handle affairs in a confident manner. Excellent managers and usually are well respected individuals.

Five – This Is a great number for people of all types, great changes take place here. Not a place where one becomes bored. This is not for the domestic norm, more for the over the top and done in bits and pieces. A place of action.

Six – Living in a six house is a good family connection. Much responsibility coming along with the domestic issues. Living in a way to make things comfortable and the need to have that perfect balance for the family members. Tends to be very artistic about the home surroundings.

Seven – A house for peace and quiet of residents, quietude is important as will be living in harmony. Tend to be good thinkers but also always looking at educational ways to enhances the members that live here.

Eight – Good judgment and very efficient in how they do things. Occupations are those that help the owner live a more showy existence. Many times it cost a lot more then expected to live in these homes.

Nine – Homes that reduce to the number nine are great for those who are here to help humanity. They attract an open house type of atmosphere. Great place for the lover of the arts and those who want to give and attract to the universe.


Lord, thous knoweth better than I do myself that I am growing older and will some day be old. Keep me from that fatal habit of thinking I must say something on every subject and on every occasion; release me from craving to straighten out everybody’s affairs. Make me thoughtful, but not moody; helpful, but not bossy! With my vast store of wisdom it seems a pity not to use it all, but Thous knoweth, Lord, that I want a few friend at the end. Keep my mind free from the recital of endless details; give me wings to get to the point. Seal my lips on my aches and pains. The are increasing and love of rehearsing them is becoming sweeter as the years go by. I dare not ask grace enough to enjoy the tales of others pains, but help me to endure them wit patience. I date not ask for improve memory, but for growing humility and less cocksureness when my memory seems to clash with the memories of others. Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I May be mistaken. Keep me reasonably sweet. I do not want to be a saint – some of them are hard to live with but a sour old person is one of the crowing works of the DEVIL. Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places and talents in unexpected people. Give me the grace to tell them so. Amen

Author Unknown


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