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2015 What We Can Expect in a 8 Universal Year

Before we talk about specifics, I need to tell you three important things:

2015 is a 8 universal year, and 2016 will be a 9 universal year. We get that by adding the numbers together and reducing them to a single digit.

To best understand how this affects you, you should know what personal year you are in now. This is how you do that. Add your month and day of birth together, and reduce it to a single number. Next, add to that number a 8, for the universal year of 2015, and reduce that to a single digit. You should end up with a number anywhere from 1 through 9. That number represents your personal year for 2015.

From October 1st until December 31st, no matter what personal year we are in, we are all in a bridge period, transitioning from a Universal 8 year to a Universal 9 year.

2015 is an 8 Universal Year which is all about finances and being in control. This represents a vibration you can’t avoid. The number 8 is all about finances and trying to take advantage of that element which is our opportunity to deal with abundance. We need to work in a positive direction and not allow past short cuts to effect this years opportunities. This is and can be a powerful time.

The eight has major issues in the world of money, finance and big business/government. Do you here the caching yet? This is a time if numbers work together you have opportunity to accumulate additional finances and or good amount of savings, if you spin the dial to negative, you may have to watch the budget. Either way there is a lot that can be accomplished during this period. Think in terms of being chairman and in control of what you can and enjoy what is offered.
How each of us experiences 2015 is based on a combination of many things, including

  1. Your name, given at birth.
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Your personal year
  4. The influence of the universal year

To find your personal year, add your month and day of birth together, reduce them to a single digit. To this number add the 8 for the universal year and you will have your personal year number for 2015.

I am often asked what takes place during a private reading. All of the above, and a lot more.

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