September 2019 is a 3 Universal Month 3 Universal Year

2019 is a 3 Universal Year and this month is a review of the entire year.  Look at your Creativity, did you take advantage of your good ideas.  Look at how you dealt with your communications skills and did you allow yourself to take advantage of and enjoying the opportunities socializing with others afforded you.  Throughout this year ideas, sharing and caring took top billing.  It also gives you a good look into how things have gone as the umbrella of the year.  Now we are seeing the 3 year as it is, and know it is about to start closing the door on the past year.   It is now time to start looking at what is to come next.

Have You Found Out What Your Destiny number is; It’s our purpose for being here

Your Destiny number is found by adding your month, day and year of birth together and reduce to a single number. It stays with you all of your life and never changes. It represents what you were born to be or do.

1 Destiny Number rushes into things and through things, and may require a lot of help or direction from a partner. He or she can tend to be hard headed and want to be seen as “the leader”.

2 Destiny Number will show they are romantic and want to show their partner how sensitive they are. He or she can be overly sensitive and need continual stroking and reassuring.

3 Destiny Number can be very exciting and show much imagination in the relationship, but he or she can tend to over spend trying to win and impress you, and then feel broke and resentful shortly there after.

4 Destiny Number usually isn’t very romantic but will let you know he or she cares by being overly practical. This person can be somewhat dictatorial when directing your traffic.

5 Destiny Number is romantic, sensual and loves to caress and be caressed. Atmosphere is important to them. He or she enjoys being the life of the party and is not shy about taking some risks.

6 Destiny Number wants perfection in the relationship and puts many demands on themselves for that perfection. He or she may attempt to improve you, turn you into that perfect someone, just like mom or dad.

7 Destiny Number tends to think too much about relationships and fears he or she won’t be able to keep their partner happy. A recluse by nature, he or she can prefer staying out of crowds and the limelight.

8 Destiny Number is the controller and feels that taking charge or control of the relationship will make it better. He or she can be more of a “I’ll handle the money” manager – and that includes your money as well.

9 Destiny Number can be very dramatic and passionate in how he or she relates to the relationship, as it will be very important to them. This person can be exhausting if they live a life full of drama.

How can your name at birth, show so much about you

Your name given at birth reveals much about you; your personality, your likes and dislikes, your talents and your weaknesses.  Your first name is your physical self, where you live, where you work.  Your middle name is the emotional self and the last name the spiritual self handed down through the generations.

You may wonder if name our children is accidental, our choices of family names, those we find interesting, or those we rework and spell to give a zing or zip to the child.  Is it just intuition that gives of these ideas?  There are no mistakes in the names we choose because the give us our lessons to learn in this life time as well as how we approach our lives.   There is a connection of the child with the parent long before it is born, after all we choose our parents and they choose us as their child for the lessons we are here to learn from one another.

There are no mistakes, even the stories about misspellings, last minute changes, and so forth, are what goes into that child getting the name it was to receive.  How many times when the mother is carrying the child she will say if it’s a boy it will be this name, if a girl this name.  When the child is born many times the name isn’t at all what the child had been called during pre birth. 

Those of us who say we don’t like our names or in fact at times hate our given names have to remember we had a hand in our naming, it is after all our lesson that come to us from that name.  Many times it is because that name makes us have a need to step up to the plate and do what is best, possibly not taking an easy road but one that will make our lives more fulfilling.

What is your wealth potential by the numbers 

Today people measure their success by what they own or have, but there are many kinds of wealth, monetary, spiritual or material, and it all depends on what we feel or what we  need.

When we look at the numbers of a persons numerology chart we get to see how they succeed or become independent by how they use what they have and or appreciate what is available to them.  Gifts come in many sizes and forms.

Some people require recognition, some just the money, others are the dreamers who have much to share with the world and do so lovingly.  We can win a lottery and have seen where it destroys the individual or the family.  Others win and share and life becomes a joy for many.  The more we have the more it takes to keep up with it.

When we look at our destiny number we see what we can achieve and how we will handle the gifts offered to us.

To find out your destiny number add your birth month, birth day and birth year together and then total across and reduce to a single number.

March 25, 1971


3+2+5+1+9+7+1 = 28

2+8 = 10

1+0 = 1

(add the numbers together until you have a single number.)

1  Wants to acquire the material side of life and they must carry out what they would like to take place with out the assistance of others. They need to be the leaders.

2 Great partner or team player, get what they want by being themselves.  They are very diplomatic and are good to deal with.

3 Likes to be in situations where they look good and can be creative.  Money is made by your ability to communicate.

4 Hard workers and earn every penny.  Detail person who may find life boring but is willing to do the work.

5 Can make large sums of money but can also spend a lot.  Needs partnership with those that will pay attention to the cash flow of the partnership.

6 Smart about how to make the money but can be annoyed with those that can’t.  Important that those around them play by the rules.

7 Always paying attention, fearful of being poor.  Need to realize mistakes can be made but there are opportunities keep a check on what is transpiring. Teacher and student

8 This is the leader the director who has much potential for the material side of life.  Can create issues with wanting too much and not being patient enough.

9 Usually has a vocation that will give a good income and be of assistance to the masses.  Doctor, lawyer, but can add to that teacher as they are the humanitarian.

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