July 2019 universal 1 month

New beginnings and a fresh start.  Take advantage of the fact you are for now in control of things that you want to do and or need to do.  Be the leader who can encourage others to go forward and make some new starts.

You will find that the personal month cycle has an impact on you through out the year, although the year has the major impact on us.  So first we need to look at the year, but then the month as well.

If you’re interested and would like to know what things lie ahead for you this coming month, it is advisable to take a look at how to find your personal month.  Then take a look into the month, as this will tell you what you can expect. 

It is important that you always reduce the numbers to a single digit.

To find your Personal Year:  Add your month and day of birth together, add this number to the universal year.  2019 = 2+0+1+9= 12/3 or 1+2=3.  This is the universal year for everyone. 

To find your Personal Year:  To the universal year you add the month and day of birth.  This gives you your personal information.

(Ex:   May 11 = 5+11 = 7)  to the universal year 2019 2+0+1+9 =12/3 you add the month & day together and the year.  

7 + 3 = 1

This person is in a 1 personal year.

Here are the descriptions for each of the personal months as well as the personal days.  Remember to read them together.  The most important is firstly the year, then the month.

1 Personal Year is about New Beginnings and fresh starts

2 Personal Year is about Partnerships and relationships

3 Personal Year is about Creativity and communications

4 Personal Year is about Work and security

5 Personal Year is about Changes and luck

6 Personal Year is about Family and Relationships 

7 Personal Year is about Spirituality and Learning

8 Personal Year is about Being in control and finances

9 Personal Year is about What we do for others and the Arts

The personal months that we go through have an impact on us as well.  Look into the year first, then look at the month, they are both effecting us. 

For those that want to be or are students or for those that are just interested in Astrology as well as Numerology I want to give you an extra bit of information about your personal year. 

You can acquire additional information by looking at the personal year along with the planet that rules what personal year your in. 

  The 1 personal year is ruled by the SUN

  The 2 personal year is ruled by the MOON

  If its an 11/2 personal year its ruled by PLUTO

  The 3 personal year is ruled by JUPITER

  The 4 personal year is ruled by the SUN

  But a 22/4 personal year is ruled by URANUS

  The 5 personal year is ruled by MERCURY

  The 6 personal year is ruled by VENUS

  The 7 personal year is both the MOON and NEPTUNE

  The 8 personal year is ruled by SATURN

  The 9 personal year is ruled by MARS


Have you seen a pendulum and been curious about how it works.  We are told we can get it working with the subcoscius mind and it is a tool used for centuries to help expand the personal intuition.

Look at the pendulums avaialbe to you and see which one attacts you.  Is it possibly the color or stones used for the pendulum that is a draw to to you.  Pick them up, try handling them and see how they feel to you. Try gently swinging the pendulum, does it feel good to you?  Choose by how  it feels to you with and by touch.

To learn to use your pendulum grasp the chain or top bead between your tumb and forefingers.  Dangle the pendulm over your palm and gently move it in a rotating motion.  Go clock wise and then counter clockwise, asking if the motion is yes and then ask if it is a no.  You will feel the vibration of the yes and or no motion.

When you start using the pendulum allow the self to become relaxed and intuned to the feeling of the pendulum.  Practice deep breathing and allow your energy to relax putting you into a positive state of relaxation.

 Surround yourself with light and a positive spiritual force.  It is important that you cover yourself with pure light to cleans and clear your vibration. Anytime we assist or work on behalf of others it is adviseable to surround yourself with light and keep yourself in a state of love.

You will find that your use of the pendulum will improve as you use it.  You will also find also that your intuitive side will increase as you and your pendulum become one.  You will feel changes in how you feel and how you approach the using of your pendulum. The motions may become different and you will find the the intuitive side of you will be come much stronger with use.

I find after handling the pendulum it is good to clear it, especially so if it is handled by others then I would clear and clean the pendulum by either washing in in clear water, or placing it in moon light.

Mercury goes Retrograde July 7-31, 2019

Here we go again, know that we are in for a breakdown where communications are concerned, but also things that pertain to technology, electronics, travel and also even our day to day conversations.

This is a time when you can look for anything to do with transportation to go off the rails as well as plans being abruptly changed. It happens 3 times a year and it lasts for about 3 weeks. This time is from July 7th to the 31st. Remember there is a shadow period that goes with the retrograde.

Know that the effects associated with Mercury Retrograde influence creates issues for us regarding communications of all types as well as anything that works with electronics you’ll find under attack.
This you will find also affects how you study as well as all forms of communication.

Things having to do with travel, businesses, and communications you will find will be creating problems and delays. Computers, telephones, electronics of all types you find creating problems, expect the unexpected.

Not a good time to start anything new, or to sign any legal documents or any papers of importance. Not a good time to purchase expensive items or make plans to marry except if you were born during a retrograde.

Excellent time to work revamp old projects that never got to be finished, and to prevent important papers and information from being lost, back up you information. Remember to save your work more often.

What you can do during the Mercury Retrograde is use the time as a very quiet and restful period. Don’t start anything new or making any decision during this period. This can be an ideal time for research. Things left undone at other times will pop up to be corrected or redone. Consider retrograde the opportunity to “catch up”. When Mercury goes direct you will find you can make better decisions.

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