April 2021 is a 9 Universal Month In a 5 Universal Year

The 9 universal month is ruled by MARS  physical energy and governs the sex drive the forceful side and relationships the sensual side.

 The month is about finishing and assistance to others.  Emotional month. Wrapping up what has happened over the past few months.  What we do and can do for others and trying to be or being impersonal.  Long distance travel. 

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Family, It’s Not An Accident

It’s no accident that we have the parents we have inherited.  The parents come in all shapes and sizes, they come to us through birth or adoption, or even foster parents.  Today the parents can come through many forms, invitro-fertilization, surrogate mothers, adoption, foster parents, etc.  We can be raised by parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles or same sex parents, surrogate mothers, but all have the ability and can give the child the love and care needed. 

This month is about all about family and makes us more aware of the care and how we need to handle family and allow it to grow.  We may be looking for perfection, but we know that isn’t real, we need to allow things to be the best they can be and learn how to not only care, but share the ability to grow as perfectly as we can.

Some experiences within the family dynamics can be difficult but some can be just wonderful, but it does take work.  If you can release the issues that arise as negative and those that appear to be in your best interest, the universe can assist you to be taken care of for the best and highest for you.



 Knowing your numbers can assist you and anyone who is interested in dealing with youngsters.  It is always of benefit to know what or how to understand and deal with not only the little ones but all ages of youngsters.   

This is an excellent tool for dealing with youngsters especially in their younger years.

Looking into cycles of the youngsters behavior gives us an excellent way of working with helping them learn and to deal with the activities that will encourage them to go forward. 

The beginning deals with behavior and allows us to understand the activities that will encourage the child.  Ideas are formed on how to encourage the child.

It is important to look into the talents the child may have and how to assist them in their development.

The key to all things is to see what needs doing and where they have the strength and talent to make things happen.  Being a good steward is key to all.

Learn what the karmic lessons are in the persons chart and you can make things happen that were not even thought of.  Our destiny is what we are supposed to do but we many times get side tracked by what we feel we want to do.

Bring the qualities a child has forward can enhance their world giving the ability to strive toward their goals that make them feel important and willing to learn.

Helping a child learn their purpose and assist them with direction they can feel they have benefits to achieve in their adult life.  The destiny shows us the purpose we are supposed to do and how we can achieve it.

Our karmic lessons show where there is need to develop a good outlook and learn how to promote what we know is the best of lessons to go forward, eliminate what is negative.

Looking into the name of the child threw the numbers helps us not only understand the child but we can teach them the best approach for them to achieve and go forward. 



I have been asked many times; what do the numbers mean, what value do they have for us to be looking into them so closely.

While each number has an effect on us, especially if we do not have that number in our name chart, (remember each letter is also seen as a number) or if we have an over load of a particular number.  We vibrate to numbers from our name at birth, the letters all resound to a number that is either positive or negative to us.  Part of the lesson we came learn in this life time.

If it is your personal year you’re looking for then add your month and day of birth together, then add that to the universal year.  Ex 2017 is a 1 universal year.  If your birth date is September a 9 month and the day is the 4th then you add the 9 and the 4 reduced = 13 = 4. Then add the 4 to the universal year of 1 which gives you a 5 personal year. We always reduce to a single digit  9 + 4  + 1= 14/5.

You can look at the number in your chart via the numbers of the letters.  What numbers are missing?  The missing letter numbers are the numbers that will effect you in a karmic way. 

Use this chart to see if you have letters that are of that numbers value.  This gives you two ways of seeing if you have things to be learning or to be working out in this lifetime.

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