2019 is a 3 Universal Year

Universal issues that are around us this year is all about communications, (make sure it isn’t gossip) being social and also overspending for the pretty things in life. We will regret some of these expense, but for that moment in time we will really enjoy what we have.

We can never have too many ideas that we can’t manage something special that seems above and beyond.

Expect your emotions to run high with this being a 3 Universal Year. Creativity, and communications will also run high. Numerology looks at the meaning of the numbers behind your birthday and then looks at the numbers relating to your birth name. This we will do in more detail before were done.

Three is a number that turns up frequently in our lives. “Good things come in threes” so we know that there is a luck factor with this number. And since it is represented by Jupiter, that luck factor transfers to Jupiter as well – so if you have Jupiter in your chart, that can be a good thing.

The number three turns up frequently in art, literature, music and religion. Three blind mice. Make three wishes. The Three Stooges. Three Wise Men. The Holy Trinity.

It also turns up in negative ways. Three strikes and your out. Three is a crowd. Three time loser. Three on a match. Three reminds us to be social. Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub.

Three is a social number and we find it is used quite often in conversation, the three deals with communication, three wise men, three stooges, third times the charm, three little pigs, good things come in threes.

Creativity and communications is key to the year. Your creative side can be with crafts, communication of all forms, which is all good just don’t make it with gossip. You have the opportunity to increase your ideas and talents considerably. It could be through painting, sewing, writing and you need to increase your creativity, in the end it also enhances your finances.

Numerology is a never-ending cycle of numbers and vibrations that gives you a better understanding of self-awareness. You’re given an opportunity to see not only your strengths but also your weaknesses.

One can feel fearful of knowing, but the unknown is more fearful, so it is best to learn who we are.

Better to understand what difficulties or confusion that may cross your path then to be surprised as your trying to understand the difficulties and their solutions.

Your birthdate and your birth name give the opportunity to understand not only the difficulties you may face in tis life, but also the gifts that are available to you.


How to find your Personal Year

How to calculate your personal year; add the day and month of birth to the current calendar year reducing to a single digit.

Example birthdate;

May 11, 1965 5 + 11 =16/7 month and day

1+9+6+5= 21/3 7+3=1 birth year

to this add the year 2019 (2+0+1+9) = 12

1+2= 3, 1 + 3 = 4 personal year.

Numerology Meanings

Odd numbers are considered masculine, they are creative, active and cold.

Even numbers are considered feminine, receptive, warm and passive as well.

The month you were born has the greatest influence on you.


1 Personal year is ruled by the Sun. New beginnings

2 Personal year is ruled by the Moon. Partnerships

3 Personal year is ruled by Jupiter. Creativity

4 Personal year is ruled by the Sun. Work and health

5 Personal year is ruled by Mercury. Changes

6 Personal year is ruled by Venus. Family and relationships

7 Personal year is ruled by the Moon as well as Neptune. Learning and spirituality

8 Personal year is ruled by Saturn. Responsibility and finances

9 Personal year is ruled by Mars. Relationships of others


If you may be thinking of changing your name, you may also find that you have used several names as you were growing up. Possibility a nickname or it could be through marriage.

A name change can adversely effect you as well as enhance your life. Changes can be very effective if you choose the right numbers that can enhance you’re life chart. Look for ways of enhancing your name and working around the issues in your name

Names changed from the name given you when you arrived on this planet should be read to find the current of you. Your birth name will always have it’ effect on you no matter how many times you change your name.

Timing Is Everything

By knowing in advance when things are about to happen, you can focus on what is important, optimize your opportunities, and avoid the emotional holes and traps that are so easy to fall into.

Numerology can help to ease some of the day-to-day frustrations in your life and let you feel more in control.

Numerology is a useful tool that offers insight into what is coming and what you can do to prepare. Understanding what you might be confronted with, good and bad, allows you to prearrange your response, diffuse potentially painful situations, or just let go of those things that are no longer working.

If you want to know the best time to make major changes, then Numerology can assist you in planning the best time for changing jobs, buying a house, ending difficult relationships, or finding that special someone.

Don’t react out of fear. Issues that need reviewing and rearranging feel better when you maximize your options and avoid financial missteps. Set things up so you’re the one who charts your own course. I’m a firm believer that “Timing is Everything”, and being forewarned is being forearmed

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Trusting your Intuition:

When you hear that little voice inside telling you what or what not to do, that is your intuition speaking to you. It can be a quick thought or something that makes you feel that strong pull. Many times we ignore it and in doing so miss the good stuff. Our intuitive side is very important and does show us a direction. We many times are wise enough to trust our feelings. Learn to develop your intuitive side, practice working with it. We are all born with ideas or tips if you will of what and how to do things, we just lack the guts at times to follow them.

Lets take a look at how to take advantage of that gut feeling, that intuitive side. I tell my clients keep a list of when you get these feelings and if you did or did not follow that “feeling”.   List the thoughts you get and follow the feelings you have over your emotions. Sometimes you get that overwhelming answer or negative or positive, other times you get that fear feeling of making a mistake. Remember with a mistake at least you took a chance on what you were feeling. You will learn how to relate to those feelings and see what does and does not work.

You need to use your imagination. Let the goals you have tap into your intuitive side and what your plans are or what your future plans are to be. Look at how you do use your imaginative side, do you like using your intuitive tools.   You can make some very good steps for your future by also using that imagination to create the life you want to have and what you would like to add to it. Minor things can lead to great expectations and help your dreams come true. If you think it, you can make it happen.