2020 is a 4 Universal Year

January 2020 is 5 Universal Month

January is a Universal 5 month – New year, new ways and fresh ideas makes for a great start to our new year. The opportunity to be creative and to share our thoughts and ideas with others is perfect. Use that talent you have and especially the great ideas you have seen over the past couple of months to give you a new direction for use of your talents. We can never have too many ideas that we can’t manage something special that seems above and beyond. This is a perfect time for friends to take time to share and enjoy what has taken place and what your plans are for the future. Have you thought of taking a class that deals with your creative side, great time to do so.

2020 is a year that will relate to work and work related issues. You will have the tendency to be a bit on the uptight side because of what you feel needs to be done. Use the monthly information to assist you in dealing with each month, but do remember that the year’s major issues you will be working with will be your work and your health.

Make those appointments dealing with your health, get a good physical this year, make those dental appointments and follow through on any health issues you have had in the past.

The opportunity to work and to share our thoughts and ideas with others is perfect, but please do it gently. Use that talent you have and the good ideas you have seen over the past couple of months to give you a new direction to make things work in your favor. You can never have too many ideas that we can’t manage something special that seem’s above and beyond, but do know it will all require work. This is a perfect time for you to look into land and property and how it may require work and work related issues to enhance the property. Have you thought of taking the time that is required to learn how to make things better and to enhance their value.

Speak your thoughts, as you do, you will feel even more idea’s come to the foreground. You may at times feel over worked, that is true, just a bit of overload, as you want to accomplish and utilize those ideas of yours. While your working on all the things you feel that is required, you will tend to be holding our breath and try to keep some feelings of anger down. Take some deep breaths and allow the self to relax. Do this throughout the day.


January is the beginning of our new year lets look at how we can take a look at what our personal numbers are.

For those who haven’t tried to find out your own numbers, here is what to do; Add your birth month to your birthday. (example March 30th.) March is a 3 as is the 3 together it is reduce to a digit = 6. To this total we add the 4 of the universal year for 2020. This person is in a 1personal year.

To find out your personal month, just add the calendar number to the total of your personal year. So for this individual they will be in an 2 personal month in January.

One personal month – is about new beginnings. This is a time to be ambitious. A time to be a leader.

Two personal month – is about partnerships. Adaptability and a time of common sense.

Three personal month – is about creativity. Strong driving force, creative and independent.

Four personal month – is about work & work related issues. Build a strong foundation and your work shall be a strong platform.

Five personal month – is about major changes and quick turnovers. Affection, enthusiasm for projects that are new. Luck also goes along with it.

Six personal month – is about family and family issues. Patience, perfection to be used to guide those we care about.

Seven personal month – is about our spiritual side, a need to learn and a time to teach. It takes our interest in the legal as well.

Eight personal month – is about our finances, governmental issues to be looked into.

Nine personal month – is about the world around us and how we treat our neighbors. A great love for humanity is what is the most important part of the nine.

Each month has a lot to offer us, lessons to be learned, lesson’s to share. How we give and take from life’s lessons are important for us all. Each month offers another road to your own successes, how ever small or large they are to be depends on you. Keep up with your personal months and this will always make for additional information on how to make the most from each month.


To Find your Personal Year Number For 2020

Example Month and Day: July 5 We calculated by adding your day of birth (the 5th), your month of birth (July, 7) and the individual numbers of 2020 (2 + 0 + 2 + 0) then reducing the sum to a single digit. Add the 7+ 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 16, and 1 + 6 = 7.

Your Personal Year Number for 2020 is an 7.

This is a Brief Look into your Personal Year: 2020

1 Personal Year

New beginnings and a great time to start new projects. The best year in your 9 year cycle to start new. Best of times to take on a new career, start a business or that new job you’ve been wanting to take.

2 Personal Year

Emotions are key to this year, tendency to be overly sensitive to what others have to say to us. Time to be patient and know that others will look for us to be the peacemakers. Time of new relationships to be made or broken.


Creativity is top of the list, any type of talent you may possess, use it to it’s fullest. Perfect time to be social and do get togethers with others. Sharing stories with others is great, just don’t make it gossip.


Pull it together, this is a year of working and doing more work when you can. It deals with restrictions and obligations. Stay organized an it will help you handle obstacles that make jump up this year.


Change is in the air and it can lead to excitement of many possible changes that are available to you. It’s a time to do everything in a hurry, speed is a major factor. Great time to take a gamble on new things.


Family and neighbors are important at this time. Making adjustments to the home and or entertaining those you care about are important. Relationships may tend to have ups and downs and it’s good to put others first at this time.


Perfect time for any type of learning and or teaching. You may find that you tend to be overly tired as sleep seems to escape you. Lots of dreams take place and the feelings of uncertainty swim around you. Your spiritual side is very important at this time.


This is the time you feel in charge and you will be leading the charge of taking control and running the show. It will envolve your finances, the making of and the spending of money. Be the leader and you will be pleased with the end results.


This is a time of endings, let go of what no longer fits or is needed in your life. Get rid of what you can to make way for the future. Finish up paperwork, cleaning projects started and left unfinished. Perfect time to think and plan but not the doing. Make way for new to come next year.


By using numerology you can ease some of the frustrations about your life. You can know when things are about to take place so you can focus on what is important at the moment and optimize your opportunities instead of letting them disappear unused.

Numerology can give you a great view of what’s to come and what needs to be rearranged or let go of. You feel more in control when you can see what is coming, either good or bad.

If you want to know the best of times to make major changes then Numerology can assist you in making the best time for making those changes. This is a great way to be selective as you can be choosing when to changes jobs, buy a house, or if your compatible with that special someone. Issues that need reviewing and rearranging feel better when feel you have in put in your options. So what if it means waiting to choose the best of times, rather then being stuck trying to get out of the mess you stepped into which could cost you emotionally as well as financially.

Set things up so you’re the one who can chart your course, if you appose opportunities out of fear, then your stuck being blinded by a lost chance of making your life better. Why wait again for the time to advance when you can see how your charts works using the best of times to advance I’m a firm believer that “Timing is Everything”.

However, if the relationship ends, the woman, as a rule, has an easier time finding herself if she starts using her own name again.  Today many women are choosing to keep their birth names.  Personally, I would advise to have both names analyzed before making a choice on the new name or keeping the old. There is a lot to consider when making these kinds of choices.

Both men and women change their names for numerous reasons – marriage, adoption, career requirements, etc. Intuitively or coincidentally they end up with the perfect name for them, with the number combinations that are correct just for them.  The new name or names will have a strong impact.  Most certainly there will be a change and many times in a very positive way.

Classes to take place soon

Look forward to classes in Numerology to start taking place late January or early Feburary. If your interested; please email your name and phone number so that you can be updated on the coming classes.

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