Mercury Retrograde 2018

July 26 – August 19, 2018

It’s that time again and boy is it working on us from the get go.  Mercury goes retrograde once again. It happens 3 times a year and it lasts for about 3 weeks. This time isfrom July 26th to August 19th. Remember there is a shadow period that goes with the retrograde.

Do remember that the effects associated with Mercury Retrograde influence creates issues for us regarding communications of all types as well as any thing that works with electronics. 

Issues that deal communication, businesses, travels and the like you’ll find under attack. You will find it also affects the study as well as all forms of communication. 

Travel, businesses, and communications you will find will be creating  problems  and delays. Computers, telephones, electronics of all types you find creating problems, expect the unexpected. 

Not a good time to start anything new, or to sign any legal documents or any papers of importance.  Not a good time to purchase expensive items make plans to marry except if you were born during a retrograde.

Excellent time to work revamp old projects that never got to be finished, and to prevent important papers and information from being lost, back up you information.  Remember to save your work more often.

What you can do that is good during the Mercury Retrograde is use the Mercury retrograde can be a very quiet and restful period. Don’t start anything new or making any decision during this period. This can be an ideal time for research. Things left undone at other times will pop up to be corrected or redone. Consider retrograde the opportunity to “catch up”. When Mercury goes direct you will find you can make better decisions.

August 2018 is a 1 Universal Month 

August is a Universal 1 month – New starts and new beginnings set the course for this month but this month is also a review of last year. There is a need to redo some things from the past to enhance what is on going, but do remember that this retrograde will be putting a hold on many of the things your wanting to do.  Trying to make things perfect just won’t take place, it feels one step forward and then one step back.  We know that when dealing with Mercury Retrograde nothing is perfect, one step forward and two to the rear.  It seems to have no release. until after this Mercury Retrograde until August 19th, do remember that you must double check your information not only to you, but from you.  Do pay attention to the details of things that involve electronics and or communications of any sort until the 19th of August.  

Know that all things dealing with this month refer to last years issues, so regardless of what your personal year was the one still applies. If your personal year was 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 this information would apply to you for this month.  It is a review of last  year would apply to you as well as the Universal one.

One month – take charge and assume command you can be a good leader.  When looking into these new beginnings know that you can be a good leader and help others make a difference as well. In the health area, everything above the shoulders is key, eyes, throat, ears and possible headaches.  If you’re in need of getting your eye’s checked, do it after the retrograde. 

Two month – The need for team work cooperation, new friends, marriage, divorce romantic interest. Success with women.  Requires being tactful.  Emotional.

Three month – This is about being Optimistic, Self expression of new ideas, being social and friendly.  Personal emotions, being a dreamer as well.  Using the creative imaginative side. Need to stay focused so not to appear overly scattered.  Luck goes with this one.
Four month – Hard work, could also be hard times if details aren’t watched.  Health can be an issue so follow through.  May find you carry anger when it isn’t necessary.  Feelings of boredom and the feelings off lack of financial support.
Five month – Need for personal freedom, wanting pleasant changes.  Personal contacts and short trips may be top of the month. Be willing to to except rapid and constant changes. The biggest fear is being bored and restless. 
Six month – Adjustments on behalf of others, personal responsibility for decisions to be made.  Marriage, obligations for family and also friends.  Need to be involved with community work.  Pay attention to the digestion at this time.
Seven month – Education, learning seeking understanding.  Listens and observes others and has a need to be patient. Rest is required, as is solitude and time to quietly think.  Expect delays and things slow to a snails pace.
Eight month – Issues are about business and organizations.  Money and Males set the pace.  Authority figures and all opportunities presented.  Inheritances as well as material aspects of all types.
Nine month – Empathy.  Quietly go about the business of helping humanity.  Finish things on your plate, completion is important.  Not a time to start anything new.  This can also be a very accident prone period if not careful.  Feelings are more impersonal now.


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Trusting your Intuition:

When you hear that little voice inside telling you what or what not to do, that is your intuition speaking to you. It can be a quick thought or something that makes you feel that strong pull. Many times we ignore it and in doing so miss the good stuff. Our intuitive side is very important and does show us a direction. We many times are wise enough to trust our feelings. Learn to develop your intuitive side, practice working with it. We are all born with ideas or tips if you will of what and how to do things, we just lack the guts at times to follow them.

Lets take a look at how to take advantage of that gut feeling, that intuitive side. I tell my clients keep a list of when you get these feelings and if you did or did not follow that “feeling”.   List the thoughts you get and follow the feelings you have over your emotions. Sometimes you get that overwhelming answer or negative or positive, other times you get that fear feeling of making a mistake. Remember with a mistake at least you took a chance on what you were feeling. You will learn how to relate to those feelings and see what does and does not work.

You need to use your imagination. Let the goals you have tap into your intuitive side and what your plans are or what your future plans are to be. Look at how you do use your imaginative side, do you like using your intuitive tools.   You can make some very good steps for your future by also using that imagination to create the life you want to have and what you would like to add to it. Minor things can lead to great expectations and help your dreams come true. If you think it, you can make it happen.