July 2020 Universal 2 Month


This month is all about partnerships and relationships and all about being sensitive and some times overly so.  Relationships, partners as well as issues with women are the top of the list.  You can be the best of peacemakers but don’t allow the self to become the doormat for others.  Regardless of what your personal year is, this month you will feel a lot of emotions.

 You may meet that special someone or at the very least feel so this month and then next month reevaluate the entire situation. The main issue is you just don’t want to be alone.  To be lonely and alone are two different issues.   Perfect time to get to know yourself. 



By using numerology you can ease some of the frustrations about your life.  You can know when things are about to take place so you can focus on what is important at the moment and optimize your opportunities instead of letting them disappear unused. 

Numerology can give you a great view of what’s to come and what needs to be rearranged or let go of.  You feel more in control when you can see what is coming, either good or bad.

If you want to know the best of times to make major changes then Numerology can assist you in making the best time for making those changes.  This is a great way to be selective as you can be choosing when to changes jobs, buy a house, or if your compatible with that special someone.  Issues that need reviewing and rearranging feel better when feel you have in put in your options.  So what if it means waiting to choose the best of times, rather then being stuck trying to get out of the mess you stepped into which could cost you emotionally as well as financially.

Set things up so you’re the one who can chart your course, if you appose opportunities out of fear, then your stuck being blinded by a lost chance of making your life better.  Why wait again for the time to advance when you can see how your charts works using the best of times to advance I’m a firm believer that “Timing is Everything”.

 What is your wealth potential by the numbers

Today people measure their success by what they own or have, but there are many kinds of wealth, monetary, spiritual or material, and it all depends on what we feel or what we  need.

When we look at the numbers of a persons numerology chart we get to see how they succeed or become independent by how they use what they have and or appreciate what is available to them.  Gifts come in many sizes and forms.

Some people require recognition, some just the money, others are the dreamers who have much to share with the world and do so lovingly.  We can win a lottery and have seen where it destroys the individual or the family.  Others win and share and life becomes a joy for many.  The more we have the more it takes to keep up with it.

When we look at our destiny number we see what we can achieve and how we will handle the gifts offered to us.

To find out your destiny number add your birth month, birth day and birth year together and then total across and reduce to a single number.

March 25, 1971


3+2+5+1+9+7+1 = 28

2+8 = 10

1+0 = 1

(add the numbers together until you have a single number.)

1  Wants to acquire the material side of life and they must carry out what they would like to take place with out the assistance of others. They need to be the leaders.

Great partner or team player, get what they want by being themselves.  They are very diplomatic and are good to deal with.

Likes to be in situations where they look good and can be creative.  Money is made by your ability to communicate.

Hard workers and earn every penny.  Detail person who may find life boring but is willing to do the work.

Can make large sums of money but can also spend a lot.  Needs partnership with those that will pay attention to the cash flow of the partnership.

Smart about how to make the money but can be annoyed with those that can’t.  Important that those around them play by the rules.

Always paying attention, fearful of being poor.  Need to realize mistakes can be made but there are opportunities keep a check on what is transpiring. Teacher and student

This is the leader the director who has much potential for the material side of life.  Can create issues with wanting too much and not being patient enough.

Usually has a vocation that will give a good income and be of assistance to the masses.  Doctor, lawyer, but can add to that teacher as they are the humanitarian.


Through the analysis of numbers the patterns for your life can be laid out. The patterns show what to expect and how best to cope with what will arise.  All one ever needs to know in Numerology is your birth name and birth date.  These two gifts are for you alone.  They are the foundation you vibrate to.

Using the birth data permits an interpreter to describe such things as Destiny (life’s purpose), Personality (strengths/weaknesses) and, Karma (growth & opportunity). 

Numbers manifest in our every day lives as moods, emotions, ideas, and “accidents”.  Some numbers are fairly easy to cope with while others are “stress” numbers.  We are surrounded by numbers; bank accounts, social security, licenses, addresses, phone numbers and charge accounts, all affect us whether we are aware of it or not. 

Patricia is a nationally known numerologist who has practiced professionally for over forty years.  Patricia has hundreds of clients through out the United States that have taken advantage of her abilities and expertise to guide them in handling business, legal and relationship issues.  

 Your Wealth in Numbers

We have a desire for wealth, some feel it will make a difference to who or what they are or how they are seen by others.  Do our numbers make a difference of how we can take advantage of opportunities that are available to us.  In looking for wealth is it the spiritual or material side we look to fulfill.  Many feel the first thought is monetary wealth, others it maybe the spiritual wealth they strive for, but each can give us the opportunity to assist others.

Using the numbers, a numerologist can measure your wealth in many different ways.  First I would look at the destiny number, if a person stays on their destiny path they can learn using life lessons that will enhance their material wealth.  Our opportunities show in our destiny opportunities and handle this correctly our material side will also be enhanced.

Some of us could care less about getting to much in the $$ side of life as they don’t want the responsibilities that go with it.  Others want to lead and the more then merrier.   Not all destinies want the material side, they have other requirements to feel fulfilled.

Figure out your destiny number and you will be able to see which direction your wealth goes.    Add your month, day and year of birth together, and reduce your numbers to a single digit.

Example;    November 24, 1973 

Reduce to single digit numbers 11/2 + 24/6 + 20/2 = 10/1

This person has a 1 Destiny number and we would look at the 1 opportunity.

Destiny Number Opportunity

1 opportunity – Creative ideas, wants to lead, will do what they feel necessary even if not urged to do so.  Success comes from taking risks and can lead by example.

2 opportunity – You have a gift of the negotiator, you’re a willing worker and can get what you want by not being pushy.  Being a diplomat will give you your opportunity to lead.

3 opportunity – You can make more by being that social upbeat person.  Set your guide to charm and social and you will find you will make more money and arrange more opportunities.

4 opportunity – Being a hard worker and not postponing things needing to be done. Using your practical side will give you the chance to acquire more financial gains. Hard work, detailed will help you progress and earn more in this life time.

5 opportunity – Always looking for a quick fix or turnover will add to your bank account.  You need to save part of what you earn and you will find your self with a good amount of money.  You need a partner who will be better at controlling what you earn.

6 opportunity – Your intentions are to do well and to provide for you and your family, think smarter not harder.  Playing to make things the best they can be will give you many advantages and opportunities.

7 opportunity –  You will feel that there is never enough time or money and you will fear this very thing.  Your intelligent and can use your opportunity’s to keep you from making mistakes on the spending side of life.  Don’t be afraid and take some chances.

8 opportunity – Everything in your world has to do with the material side and the need to feel you important.  When you feel short of cash you will become restless and look for the next best way to make things happen.

9 opportunity – Working to help others will be your choice of a career.   This being said you may find you choose jobs that will more then compensate you so your able to continue to take care of others as you plan for a better world.

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