November 2019 is a 5 Universal Month 

November 2019 is a 5 Universal Month.  Change is the key word for what will be taking place all month.  This can make it the best of times or the worst of times, it’s all up to us.  Changes can involve travel, allowing us personal growth or it can also be when we will be most concerned.

Younger people will play a major role in this month, be wise and appreciate what may be offered.  All that you do will seem to be done in a hurry, pay attention to make sure that your moves are good ones. What’s the old saying “act in haste, repent in leisure”?  Changes you make at this time will enhance your opportunities in the future.  Changes made this month can enhance what you do.  Remember not to over do the negative and work hard for the positive aspects that will make this a better month for you and yours.

Speed is the name of the game, you may/will drive faster then the norm and this can create accidents. BUT, the nice part is that there is a luck factor that goes with this month.  Take a flyer or a gamble on something, you may be quite surprised at what you gain.  If there is a drawing, or a game of chance, you may want to take a chance on this one.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

October starts Mercury in the sign of Scorpio.  This can create some issues as Scorpio is a mischievcious being thats the trickster of the zodiac.  Trust your gut and try not to self sabotage.

Mercury goes retrograde on October 31, but you have already started feeling its effects. Remember, there is a shadow period that starts approximately 2 weeks before and it will continue 2 weeks after the retrograde ends.

We are already in the shadow period so many of us feel the effects already taking place, now you know why there has been some confusions and delays in your life, as well as some misunderstandings. The retrograde is pulling us into  three weeks of ups and downs when it comes to our communications.

You will restart things over and over, best to just put them on hold until the retrograde is over.  This is a time of getting you to be patient, it gives us ideas that when the retrograde is over will be a much better fit, then our first thoughts or ideas.

We have heard those words “Mercury Retrograde” and we have gotten to the point where it’s an “Oh no feeling” that takes place.

Mercury effects communications, travel, all things seems to be going backwards or create delays, miscommunications take place, messages lost, numbers transposed.  Mental lapses that make us feel we are loosing it.

Electronics seem to break down at an alarming speed, computers, printers, answering machines seem to be going into a directions all their own. Do remember this also effects our vehicles as they today are more computer generated.

Remember it is important to backup important files and don’t push the career or business plans at this time.  It will only set you up for disappointment or again, the need to redo the entire process.

This would be a time when it is a good idea to avoid signing any important documents, also a time to double check our appointments and schedules so there are no possible breakdowns. Look for delays of all sorts during this time that would also include travel.

The exception to all the above is if you were born in a Mercury Retrograde, this is indeed your time to shine.

What is a retrograde?

A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. Three or four times each year Mercury goes whizzing in its orbit past the Earth. To an observer in space, it looks like the Earth is moving backward as Mercury surges ahead. This is the retrograde motion.

It is similar to the effect you feel when two trains moving in the same direction pass each other, and the one you are riding on seems to move backwards as the other train catches you up and pulls past your train. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, due to this optical illusion.

What can you expect?

  • Expect indecision on your part–or the part of others. People who usually can make decisions quickly and cleanly will muddle around, hesitate, won’t be sure.
  • If you think men and women can’t communicate with each other now, just wait. Partners have to really work at saying what they really mean because assumptions abound during this time, and what you say is heard differently than how you meant it!
  • This is not a good time to enter into any kind of contractual agreement.
  • Projects begun during this time  will inevitably develop differently than agreed-upon or expectations will change.
  • If you depend on a computer, back up your work!
  • Expect delays. Appointments will never start on time.
  • Pay attention to even the simple tasks.
  • Get some rest. This is really a good time to lay low and conserve energy.
  • This is wonderful time to wrap up projects, attend to details,  clean up your messy desk and reorganize things.

What’s In A Name?  

The first letter of someone’s first name can tell you a lot.

  1. A, J, and S creators, leaders, and originators. Self initiators. A is aggressive and will not be detoured from its goal.  J are mental, but J may be inclined to put things off.  The S is more emotional, and consequently the feelings might cloud your thinking.
  2. B, K, and T follow rather than lead, Great in partnerships. Can tend to be packrats.  B is shy, emotional, and needs affection and mothering.  The peacemakers.  K is intuitive, and follows hunches.  It is receptive.  T is nervous and eager for spiritual development.
  3. C, L, and U are interested in self-expression are social, lean to the lighter side of life. Optimistic or pessimistic. Can be extravagant and wasteful.  C has psychic ability but is not cognizant of its gift. Creative.  L is mental and uses reasoning power, while U is weaker than the others because if its dual nature. All are good communicators.
  4. D, M, V. are down to earth and practical. Routine can make them feel bored.  Can be procrastinators.  D is efficient, a hard worker, usually is not emotional.  M is more about show me.  Is thorough like the D, but is repressed and unexpressive, and often is unfeeling toward others.  V is inspirational and intuitive.
  5. E, N, and W.  They are physical often bound up in the senses. Loves changes and can be self indulgent.  E, while physical, can reach the realm of inspiration.  N is imaginative and wavering in decisions, though he uses mental power in his interpretations.  W is also physical, and while desiring higher aspirations.
  6. F, O, X  carry much responsibility, and are tied to home duties. Need to be cautious of being meddlesome.  F is intuitional, O is inspirational but inclined to draw power to himself.  X is the most difficult for this letter usually entails sacrifice.  It is a karmic letter.
  7. G, P, Y are mental, analytical, and introspective. They crave silence. G is mental but aloof, needs understanding.  P is also mental, but lacks the willpower of G.  Intuitive. Y is dual in nature. Faith is an issue. It has fine psychic gifts.
  8. H, Q, and Z. Tend to be charitable. These are the organizers. Reputation and prestige is important to them.  H is advancing from the material to the mental plane, but vacillating in decisions.  Q functions in two worlds, and so can be lacking guidance.  Z is inspirational and understands human emotions, and control emotional crisis.
  9. I and R are selfless numbers interested in humanity. Empathic and yet impersonal on all levels. Both I and R have good memories and are willing to assist others. I is the light bearer.  R is more selfless and understanding than any other number or letter.  Tolerant with others, for understanding then any other letter.

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