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June Universal 5 Month


June 2015 is a 5 Universal Month. A very interesting month, it can go from a blessing with numerous changes taking place, or too much happening to quickly. The good part is there is a luck factor that can take place, but it is important you keep your cool. This month will feel like it is flying by because there will be so many changes and activities. A fantastic time to have fun, meet new people, or travel. Your social life may be expanding as well. If you are single, this is a positive month for meeting someone who could turn out to be meaningful in the future. You will have a lot of enthusiasm for new projects, people and things. You will have uncertainty and some measure of instability but things will be moving quickly and if you question your ability to keep up, don’t doubt it, you will find things go just right.



Looking into Love and Positive Dates


If you’ve been looking for Mister Right, and only finding Mister Wrong, maybe I can help.

Since the beginning of time wise men and women have used intuitive numerology to unravel life’s biggest mysteries.

If you’re already in a wonderful relationship, numerology can help you make it better.

If you’re stuck in a less-than-perfect relationship, or between partnerships, of looking for a way to get out of a really bad situation, numerology can help you understand the undercurrent that keeps pulling you back into making bad decisions.

June is the perfect month to make things better and maximize opportunities.

Learn how to strengthen your current romance and how to recognize weaknesses that keep pulling you under.

Learn how to put a splint or a hault to fractured relationships.


                                                              JUNE WEDDINGS

June is the traditional time for weddings. Forecast and relationship charts can show you potential areas of difficulty that may require work. Let numerology assist you in smoothing out possible bumps in the road.

If you’ve not decided on a date, numerology can help you choose just the right moment in time to start your new lives together, and improve your chances for happiness and understanding.