February 2024 Universal 1 Month

 1 Universal Month is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, allowing us to put our new intentions out there as the eight universal year, will have an effect on all things financial.  The fact that this is a 1 month, dealing with fresh starts and new beginnings allowing us to put our new intentions out immediately can be an asset, but we also need to pay attention to the cost and expenses of all things at this time.  The eight universal year, will have a huge effect on not only expenses, but also our investments.  The cost of living will be a major concern for us and there will be a need to tighten our belts at this time.  There will be a need to oversee our spending as well as our wanting to cut corners to put some things aside for the unexpected items that may be coming.

There will be a need to stop and think about what’s taking place around us and how to best handle the needs of family as well as our work issues.

This can be not only issues with our needs, but our desires as well.  This can be because or/if a possible legal issue can pop up.  Take a look at what is best for us at this time.  Don’t make big decisions without getting good advice, because you’re going to have a hard time making the correct choices.  Issues can involve greed, and not need. Take a look at what is out there that’s new and pay attention to what’s taking place, both spiritually and financially before you make your choices.

See what you want to add and what needs to be reviewed. You’re the one in charge at this time so take your time as best you can to see what the advantages are for you.  Remember that it will allow opportunity to make things work in a better way. The need to control how are finances and cost of living will work is important so let’s not be so hard on ourselves but do know we need to pay close attention to what is happening in the world today.

February is a One Universal Month

Sensitivity, partnerships and relationships are key

Aquarius January 20 – February 18

Aquarius Strength Keywords:

  • -Witty
  • Clever
  • Humanitarian
  • Inventive
  • Original
  • Independent – regardless of what others think

Aquarius Weakness Keywords:

  • Stubborn
  • Unemotional
  • Sarcastic
  • Rebellious
  • Aloof
  • Boredom is their enemy

Famous Aquarians:

Ronald Regan, Clark Gabel, Tom Selleck, James Dean, Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutchar, Ellen DeGeneres, the Olsen twins, Jennifer Aniston, Kerry Washington, Judith Light

Valentine’s Day

Relationships are never easy, and if you’re over 21, you have probably been in and out of “love” more than once… which begs the question, what is true love, but that’s something we’ll discuss some other time.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume you are already in a romantic relationship – either by marriage or a long-term commitment –  or,  you are just starting a new relationship after ending one that didn’t quite work out the way you hoped.

Either way, some where in the back of your mind the thought keeps nagging, did I make a mistake?  Is this the person I am supposed to be sharing my life with?  He or she is not perfect, far from it, but if the truth be told, neither am I.

As numerologist I always look at the Destiny number to see what the person is all about.  Your Destiny is what you’re here to fulfill in this lifetime.  ………..

Starting a new romantic relationship isn’t easy if you have just ended one, take the lessons from the past to make sure you don’t  repeat the same lessons in the present or future.  The hardest part in a relationship is knowing when to let it go, so you’re free to start something new.


Share love and light, we all need it

Relationships Done by the Destiny Number

To Find Your Destiny Number – add your month and day of birth together.  May 3rd is an 8. (5 + 3 = 8).  Read the number total.

For additional information look to the destiny number as that number never changes.  What we are born to be/do.  The destiny number is found by adding your month, day and year of birth together and reduce to a single number.

A one rushes into and through things, may need help or direction from their partner.  Can tend to be hardheaded “the leader”.

A two will show they are romantic and want to show their partner how sensitive they are.  Can be overly sensitive and need more TLC for the self.

A three can be very exciting and show much imagination in the relationship.  Can tend to over spend to court you and feel broke shortly there after.

A four usually isn’t very romantic but they let you know they care by being overly practical.  Can be somewhat dictatorial when directing your traffic.

A five is the romantic, sensual and loves to caress and be caressed. Mood is important to them. Can be a bit more of a life of the party and take some risks.

A six wants perfection in the relationship and puts many demands on themselves for that perfection.  Can look to make you that perfect someone, “like mom or dad”.

A seven tends to think too much about the relationship and fears they won’t be able to keep the partner happy.  Can prefer staying out of crowds and the limelight, a real recluse.

A eight is the controller and feels that there taking charge or control of the relationship will make it better.  Can be more of a “I’ll handle the money” yours and mine.

A nine can be very dramatic and passionate in how they relate to the relationship as it will be very important to them.  Can be a lot of work for you if they live in all the drama.

The ultimate moment can be perfect with a glass of wine, sweet music and tender words.  The stage is set for “Love”.  Works very well when you know what to expect in the coming and going into the relationship.  Always remember, for each of us there is that special someone the job is finding them.



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