July Is a Universal 3 Month in a 5 Universal Year

July is a 3 Universal Month in a 5 Universal Year. This is certainly going to be an interesting month. It has a luck factor to the month as well as a luck factor to the year. You can’t help but feel somewhat scattered as everything will seem to be moving at warp speed this month. This adds to the being unsure of which direction to go first. You will feel great because of this being a wonderful opportunity to excel and create.

You can shine and bring brightness into the life of others through changes that are not only creative but give them the opportunity to share their ideas with you as well. What a gift that can be. To be optimistic and feel the ability to share dreams, to expressed not only arts of all types, but allowing yourself and others to teach as you learn. Take a chance on doing anything to do with the arts, you learn, you teach, you gather abilities as well and the world can be a better place.

It’s a great time to be social and let your optimistic attitude take control, no need to allow yourself to be pessimistic. Your creative imagination adds color and excitement to life. Others may look to you to make life more bearable, not everyone is able to carry out dreams for others. If you show them how, you will be please at how much others may hang onto your coattails and excel.


This will be a universal seven day. Lack of sleep and lots of tossing and turning. The imagination will be in top form, being creative about your thoughts yet unsure of your real feelings. Much tired feelings and thinking of issues of the past will certainly keep the mind turning. Know that it is important to be and stay safe as the imagination will want to direct all your traffic.
Our world is in such disarray and we so need to know that we are not forgotten in this time of confusion. I pray that our God will keep us all safe and help us get through this time and bring our world good health and the very best in the future.

Changing your name after divorce: 2019
good idea or bad karma?

I have been asked many time by those divorced or recently divorced about considering going back to their maiden name.

They are concerned about how the change will effect them – will it change them back to who they were before they were married, or will it make them different from who they are now, of won’t it make any difference at all.

Your name at birth is your finger print for all of your life. The name closest to the name given at birth is the most favorable for you. It is the name that directs you and gives you the lessons you are here to learn.

In the past custom directed that women give up their birth name to take that of her husband. If we accept the fact that the name is our fingerprint, then the woman gives up much for the relationship. A part of her true self is lost in order to strengthen the relationship.

However, if the relationship ends, the woman, as a rule, has an easier time finding herself if she starts using her own name again. Today many women are choosing to keep their birth names. Personally, I would advise to have both names analyzed before making a choice on the new name or keeping the old. There is a lot to consider when making these kinds of choices.

Both men and women change their names for numerous reasons – marriage, adoption, career requirements, etc. Intuitively or coincidentally they end up with the perfect name for them, with the number combinations that are correct just for them. The new name or names will have a strong impact. Most certainly there will be a change and many times in a very positive way.

Life Challenge Numbers

To find your challenge numbers the month day and year are reduced to a single digit. Example October 15th 1956 reduces to 10/1 month – 15/6 day – (1+9+ 5 +6) year = 21/3 . These numbers are not added together but instead subtracted from one another. The early challenge is the 1 – 6 = 5 as the minor challenge the first part of life. The difference is found between the day of birth and the year of birth. The lesser number is always subtracted from the higher number. If you get the same total more then once you will find that there is a lot of emphasis in your life to deal with that challenge. If the same number shows up more then 2 or 3 times you can’t dodge the effects that number has on you.

Finding the main challenge is the difference between first and second challenge numbers.

The 6 is subtracted from the 3 = 3 for the middle challenge in life.

When looking at the life challenge numbers, we are looking at things that we deal with that represent what we have to face in this lifetime. The obstacles we face, how difficult they may be and what challenges do we deal with.

The first part is the challenges in the early part of our life, the difficulties we would face during the first 28 years of life.

The second challenge is the middle part of life and shows the what is the probable issues during the second 28 years of life.

The third number is the major challenge that we face in life, and shows the difficulties faced during the late part of our lives but show us what is the major obstacle that is a part of our entire life. This is the major issue we face regardless of what the minor issues are this is the one that takes precedence over the entire life.

The minor challenge numbers affect us but to a much lesser degree, more the issues of circumstances then planned. These problems or issues do not last the life time but are issues we work out at the appointed time. These are more about timing not a life time.

Lucky numbers

The number of letters in your name, example Joel Beth Wilson, there are 14 letters in this name. So, 14 would always be a lucky number for that person.

Another way of finding lucky numbers is combine the birthday and the month example. October 17 this would be at 10 plus the 17 put together, which would be at 1017 or if you reduce the birthday to a single digit. It would be 108 or 18 or reduced to a single digit, a 9. This gives you four magic numbers. What’s considered the magic numbers, use the ones that suit you best, these are numbers that are said to be lucky for this individual, it’s important that you choose a one feels more like, who you are.

For this lucky numbers, and we look at the days of the week. Monday is a 1, Tuesday 2, Wednesday 3, Thursday 4, Friday 5, Saturday 6, Sunday 7.

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