August 2019 is a 2 Universal Month 3 Universal Year

This is a 3 Universal Year Creativity, communications and socializing are what this year is about.  Enjoy the best this year has to offer.  Please don’t waste your good energy by wasting it on gossip or things that do not matter.  Be social, creative, fun loving and share the good ideas that you have.  Remember there is luck in the air, take advantage of it.

August is a 2 Universal month, this is a review of last year and we can all I am sure equate to this.  It’s all about being sensitive, and that my friends can be overly sensitive as well.  There is the wanting to be with a partner who makes you feel on top of the world and someone to share things with.  Other times you’re unsure you even want to be in a relationship.  Especially if you’re feeling your relationship has flaws, feeling it’s as good as it gets, other times you feel on top of the world.  Slow down it can be all things. Think of the emotional side as, being sensitive, insensitive, as well as overly sensitive.  Don’t feelings change on a daily bases, even at times hourly?

Regrets can complicate your life, so why drag the past with us.  Let go of what was to plan and make way for what can be.  To carry the past, out worn and negative into today is to create illness and fears that are not necessary.  All situations are different, yes, but be cooperative and tactful with how you handle things.  Relationships are special and needed to be handled with care.  All of us need to feel secure and loved in relationships, it can be as personal as a love relationship, or as special as a friendship.  All need to be handled with care.

Lets look into relationships this month

She will want to be wooed and he wants to make her happy but he wants to be wooed as well.  No one seem to be sure how to go about it, but the cold fact is that we all want someone to love and love us in return.  If we think we have met that “perfect person” it ay not be want we think or go they way we envision it.

If you have just ended a relationship it’s even harder to start a new one.  It does give you opportunity to look at what went wrong in the past and use those lessons as a way of learning from are mistakes.

The personal year your in can give you indications of what can happen to get things started or when to put things on hold until the indications show you it’s tine to start that new relationship.  To find your personal year remember to add your month and day of birth together and reduce to a single digit.  Add that number to the universal year, 2019 is a 3.  This will tell you what your personal year is.

A one likes to be in charge and needs to be the leader.  They can set examples that can make the relationship work.

A two ia sensitive and looks for ways to please their partner, especially when they don’t allow that emotional side to make them insensitive.

A three has great ideas to make the relationship one of excitement and fun.

A four tends to be more by the book in the relatioship but will work very hard to make it special, although not overly romantic, it works.

A five is the lover, the romantic who loves to care for and express the sensual side of caring to the one they love.

A six  looks for that perfect relationship and puts a lot of effort into making the relationship one that is not only special but has the opportunities for perfection as it grows.

A seven  wants things to perfect for their partner but wants all preparations to be about what they consider perfect, it will be if they quite trying to over think the issues.

An eight likes to control and they feel they may know what’s best, once they back up the relationship can be one that is stimulating as it grows.

A nine is dramatic in how it shows it’s romantic side, the relationship becomes the most important way of displaying their passionate side.

Enjoy your time as you learn to live and love with each other, this can be the best of times.  Choose your favorite beverage and special music, then just relax and enjoy each other.

Are you aware how important it is to have Balance in your life 

When our life is without balance accidents seem to come into play, we may fall or stumble and create an injury.  None of us have escaped these accidents in life, some accidents may be emotional as well as physical pain.  Sometimes the body produces illness or major health issues when we allow the balance to be directed in a negative way.  If it is emotional that are out of balance we will have depression taking over.  It is important that you maintain a good balance for your health and well being.

When we look at our personal years issues, and what is occurring on our personal page for this  personal month than we can see how to create the balance that we need to work from.

When we are out of balance life seems to be more down and not working as you would like or need.  When we try and balance things we use the scales of equal on each side to give us a true balance.  The Yin and Yang if you will.  Energies that are out of balance keep our emotions and health out of balance.  We need to learn how to get to the middle of the road so to speak and keep things as harmonious as possible.   Sometimes we find we go overboard in the wrong direction and have to take corrective measures to return to a true balance.  The need to look at the sweetness and the tartness in life, and it is important as without one you do not understand the other.  Do not allow the self to stay with the sorrows of life and or its pain as that will not allow the sweetness in your life to come forth.

Take time to look for a peaceful place to rest and think through what has happened in your life or what is taking place that you wish to enhance what you have.  Remember when life if out of balance it will always be important for you to allow peace and love into your space.

Look at what your personal year is and see if this is an issue or time when you need to be more aware of what is happening around you.  If it is a time when you are full of life and excited about what is taking place then make the most of this period and go forward with high hopes and expectations.  Remember that our energies are constantly shifting.

The need to detach and from the negative and to allow clarity of love and light to enter our space and help create energetic balance. It is important accepted and learned from our emotions and thoughts for this helps us creation a better understanding of who we are and what we need to stay balanced. Process and observe your feelings, thoughts and responses will help you move into balance.

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