July is an 8 Universal Month and it’s about the material side of life. We are seeing countries trying to rebalance power on the political front and economically. Politics are making everyone throw up their hands in disgust and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Even mother nature has been pushing the envelope. This month we’ll have opportunities for those in control to do a better job, lets take the personal out of “what will it do for me” and look at what can we do to assist others.

The 8 universal month, seen as the infinity sign, lets make it a positive motion.

This month represents achievement and the need for power and recognition. We all want to be recognized for the good we do and for what we can achieve, but good judgment in what and how we do things is more to the important.

The positive side deals with our finances, paying attention to what we need to do as it involves our finances, achievements. The positive requires being realistic and leading by example, not pushing and making is “all about me”.



I have been asked many times; what do the numbers mean, what value do they have for us to be looking into them so closely.

While each number has an effect on us, especially if we do not have that number in our name chart, (remember each letter is also seen as a number) or if we have an over load of a particular number. We vibrate to numbers from our name at birth, the letters all resound to a number that is either positive or negative to us. Part of the lesson we came learn in this life time.

If it is your personal year you’re looking for then add your month and day of birth together, then add that to the universal year. Ex 2017 is a 1 universal year. If your birth date is September a 9 month and the day is the 4th then you add the 9 and the 4 reduced = 13 = 4. Then add the 4 to the universal year of 1 which gives you a 5 personal year. We always reduce to a single digit 9 + 4 + 1= 14/5.

You can look at the number in your chart via the numbers of the letters. What numbers are missing? The missing letter numbers are the numbers that will effect you in a karmic way.

Use this chart to see if you have letters that are of that numbers value. This gives you two ways of seeing if you have things to be learning or to be working out in this lifetime.

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Through the analysis of numbers the patterns for your life can be laid out. The patterns show what to expect and how best to cope with what will arise.  All one ever needs to know in Numerology is your birth name and birth date.  These two gifts are for you alone.  They are the foundation you vibrate to.

Using the birth data permits an interpreter to describe such things as Destiny (life’s purpose), Personality (strengths/weaknesses) and, Karma (growth & opportunity). 

Numbers manifest in our every day lives as moods, emotions, ideas, and “accidents”.  Some numbers are fairly easy to cope with while others are “stress” numbers.  We are surrounded by numbers; bank accounts, social security, licenses, addresses, phone numbers and charge accounts, all affect us whether we are aware of it or not. 

Patricia is a nationally known numerologist who has practiced professionally for over forty years.  Patricia has hundreds of clients through out the United States that have taken advantage of her abilities and expertise to guide them in handling business, legal and relationship issues.  

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