May 2020 is a 9 Universal Month

Universal 9 month – This month can be magical and for others more then a bit scary.  This can be an opportunity to release and let go of what is no longer needed or useful to you.  We are concluding a cycle that it can be the best of times or the worst of times, you have choices.  This being a month of completion and endings can make things difficult but it does not need to be horrid.  It is allowing us the opportunity to clear and cleans issues to make new things take place.  Changes and new beginnings will make this a special time but we need to release the old out worn issues.  Allow the artistic side to shine brightly and we can see the old transform into the new.  This is a time when charity is much important and needed as is being compassionate to and for others. Assist and watch those who wish to make this a better time and place for you to be in.  Now step up and make this a better world and time to share what you have learned with those you care about.


Anti Depression Kit

Things have been hectic and on the crazy side I hope this helps.


An Eraser So you can make all of you’re mistake disappear

A Penny So you will never have to say “I’m broke”

A Marble Incase someone say’s “you’ve lost your marbles”

A Rubber band to stretch yourself beyond your limits

A String to tie things together when everything falls apart

A Hug & a Kiss to remind you that, someone, somewhere,  Cares About You!


Are you aware how important it is to have Balance in your life

When our life is without balance accidents seem to come into play, we may fall or stumble and create an injury.  None of us have escaped these accidents in life, some accidents may be emotional as well as physical pain.  Sometimes the body produces illness or major health issues when we allow the balance to be directed in a negative way.  If it is emotional that are out of balance we will have depression taking over.  It is important that you maintain a good balance for your health and wellbeing.

When we look at our personal years issues, and what is occurring on our personal page for this  personal month than we can see how to create the balance that we need to work from.

When we are out of balance life seems to be more down and not working as you would like or need.  When we try and balance things we use the scales of equal on each side to give us a true balance.  The Yin and Yang if you will.  Energies that are out of balance keep our emotions and health out of balance.  We need to learn how to get to the middle of the road so to speak and keep things as harmonious as possible.   Sometimes we find we go overboard in the wrong direction and have to take corrective measures to return to a true balance.  The need to look at the sweetness and the tartness in life, and it is important as without one you do not understand the other.  Do not allow the self to stay with the sorrows of life and or its pain as that will not allow the sweetness in your life to come forth.

Take time to look for a peaceful place to rest and think through what has happened in your life or what is taking place that you wish to enhance what you have.  Remember when life if out of balance it will always be important for you to allow peace and love into your space.

Look at what your personal year is and see if this is an issue or time when you need to be more aware of what is happening around you.  If it is a time when you are full of life and excited about what is taking place then make the most of this period and go forward with high hopes and expectations.  Remember that our energies are constantly shifting.

The need to detach and from the negative and to allow clarity of love and light to enter our space and help create energetic balance. It is important accepted and learned from our emotions and thoughts for this helps us creation a better understanding of who we are and what we need to stay balanced. Process and observe your feelings, thoughts and responses will help you move into balance.


Your name is no accident.

Numerology is based on the mathematics of the universe and is a science that is over 4000 years.

With knowledge of your personal numbers you can take control of your destiny, love, money, career, happiness.

Experience the peace of knowing the right path to travel in your life.

Learn who you really are and your real purpose.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Overcome difficulties and obstacles

Master your emotions instead of being a slave to them.

Have more success and joy in your life than you ever thought possible.

Your name reveals many facets of your personality, hidden talents, new abilities, future opportunities.

Learning your personal numbers helps you embark on the most exciting journey of your life.



What the house or apartment your living in expects from you

Did you ever get the feeling you were living in the wrong place? Do you feel safe and secure or just uncomfortable and frustrated? You can discover your connection with the house or apartment you live in through numerology.

Add together the numbers in your address, and reduce them down to one number. For example 9208 Maple = (9+2+0+8 = 19 9+1= 10 1+0=1)
House numbers that reduce to:

One – This may be for those who are independent are creative and original. Like to run their own affairs and work well as a head of a committee. Tend to be proud. If these traits haven’t yet come to the surface this is a great place to fulfill these need.

Two – The house would attract quiet people or those that do well in the diplomatic and tactful way of dealing with others. A person who would be dictatorial would not be comfortable in this house. Good place for partnership both business or family.

Three – Happiness and creative side of the issues that take first place. Good place to entertain as it is a good house for creative talent that will certainly take over and your talents can certainly thrive here.

Four – This house is a place that will create a lot of practical energy. Looking for the basics and an honest approach to life and how to handle affairs in a confident manner. Excellent managers and usually are well respected individuals.

Five – This Is a great number for people of all types, great changes take place here. Not a place where one becomes bored. This is not for the domestic norm, more for the over the top and done in bits and pieces. A place of action.

Six – Living in a six house is a good family connection. Much responsibility coming along with the domestic issues. Living in a way to make things comfortable and the need to have that perfect balance for the family members. Tends to be very artistic about the home surroundings.

Seven – A house for peace and quiet of residents, quietude is important as will be living in harmony. Tend to be good thinkers but also always looking at educational ways to enhances the members that live here.

Eight – Good judgment and very efficient in how they do things. Occupations are those that help the owner live a more showy existence. Many times it cost a lot more then expected to live in these homes.

Nine – Homes that reduce to the number nine are great for those who are here to help humanity. They attract an open house type of atmosphere. Great place for the lover of the arts and those who want to give and attract to the universe.

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