December 2019 is a 6 Universal Month 

Family and friends top this list and makes for a very special holiday period. Family is important, home, decorating and working on behalf others.  Your going to like things to be done perfectly.  Relationship are going to be very important, the making of as well as the breaking of. Your going to have much care for friends and family and will be going out of your way to make things special but be willing to compromise.

We can’t help wanting this to be perfect, but we need to remember to allow things to be their best, not what we consider to be the best.  This certainly isn’t the time for us to be giving “Advise” to others, only if asked for do we share our expertise.  This is a great month for dealing with relationships, the making of or the breaking of.  Stay the course and be responsible in a caring way, don’t allow emotions to direct our issues.  Enjoy the holidays and share love and joy with those you care about, but also share that smile or few extra coins with those in need.



Through the analysis of numbers the patterns for your life can be laid out. The patterns show what to expect and how best to cope with what will arise.  All one ever needs to know in Numerology is your birth name and birth date.  These two gifts are for you alone.  They are the foundation you vibrate to.

Using the birth data permits an interpreter to describe such things as Destiny (life’s purpose), Personality (strengths/weaknesses) and, Karma (growth & opportunity).

Numbers manifest in our every day lives as moods, emotions, ideas, and “accidents”.  Some numbers are fairly easy to cope with while others are “stress” numbers.  We are surrounded by numbers; bank accounts, social security, licenses, addresses, phone numbers and charge accounts, all affect us whether we are aware of it or not.

Patricia is a nationally known numerologist who has practiced professionally for over forty years.  Patricia has hundreds of clients through out the United States that have taken advantage of her abilities and expertise to guide them in handling business, legal and relationship issues.

 Take Your Angels Along

A wonderful way to start each day is to allow your angels and guides to go with you.  It isn’t important where your going, just that it isn’t necessary to go alone.  Visualize your angel, angels or guides in front of you surrounding you with light.  Feel the protection and  love they offer you and know they are there to give you comfort.  Close your eyes and visualize them being around you.   Feel at peace, feel the calm that you can add to your life.

Start each day with your guides, if it’s a short trip around the block or a trip of any sort, you will know your not alone.  You can ask your angels to be with you for added comfort.

Visualize you bringing your angels to any event; appointment, doctors, School, job, especially if your feeling stressed.  If there isn’t time to visualize all aspects you wish to cover, simple ask your angels to come with you and they will be there to protect you and give you peace.

Changing your name after divorce:
good idea or bad karma?

I have been asked many time by those divorced or recently divorced about  considering going back to their maiden name.

They are concerned about how  the change will effect them – will it change them back to who they were before they were married, or will it make them different from who they are now, of won’t it make any difference at all.

Your name at birth is your finger print for all of your life.  The name closest to the name given at birth is the most favorable for you.  It is the name that directs you and gives you the lessons you are here to learn.

In the past custom directed that  women give up their birth name to take that of her husband.  If we accept the fact that the name is our fingerprint, then the woman gives up much for the relationship.    A part of the her true self is lost in order to strengthen the relationship.

However, if the relationship ends, the woman, as a rule, has an easier time finding herself if she starts using her own name again.  Today many women are choosing to keep their birth names.  Personally, I would advise to have both names analyzed before making a choice on the new name or keeping the old. There is a lot to consider when making these kinds of choices.

Both men and women change their names for numerous reasons – marriage, adoption, career requirements, etc. Intuitively or coincidentally they end up with the perfect name for them, with the number combinations that are correct just for them.  The new name or names will have a strong impact.  Most certainly there will be a change and many times in a very positive way.


When deciding to take a chance on luck, look at the time of day via the clock.

Use the time according to this schedule below.

TIME is read  1 to 12 am      13 to 24 pm

Look at what day you are in, use the appropriate number for the day.

DAYS – Monday l,  Tuesday 2,  Wednesday 3,  Thursday 4,  Friday 5, Saturday 6,  Sunday 7

Next look at the number of letters in your name.

Example ; Number of letters in name; Pauline Leigh Carine = 18, always lucky for that person.  Lucky numbers; combine birthday and month 10+17=1017 or  108, 18,or  9.

This gives four magic numbers; use one that suits you best.   Use the number  of day of week and number of hour at which you play or bet.

EX. 4 pm on Friday.  4 pm =16, Friday = 5 combined 165 or 75.  Then
1+6+5=12 or 1+2=3 gives you four magic numbers.

Keynote:  Number of letters in name and hour of play.

(Ex.) Name 9, lucky number at 8 pm.  Combine 9+20 to make 920.  Add
9+2+0=11.  Add 1+1=2.  Gives magic number 920, 29, 11, 2.  Use the one that
suits you best.  Pinnacles of success: day of birth 17 and month 10.  1710
or 810, 81, or 9.

Another way of doing this is to look at the Lady luck method:

Number letters in sweethearts name (ex.) 17+ letters in your name 18 = 1718 or 89, 17 or 8.  Use one that suits you best.  For more then l lucky number in a day add hour.  Only change when hour changes.

Your Personal Year and Ruling Planet

For those  interested in Astrology and Numerology I want to give you an extra bit of information about your personal year.

You can acquire additional information by looking at your personal year along with the planet that rules what personal year your in.

(How to calculate your personal year)

The 1 personal year is ruled by the SUN – your individuality, what others see.

One – Fresh starts and new beginnings, about the self, business success, not emotional success, being a leader.

Color – Red

The 2 personal year is ruled by the MOON – emotions, instinct, the personality, reaction without thinking.  What you see.

Two – Partnerships, peacemaker, sensitive, team player, emotional, form important relationships.

If its an 11/2 personal year its ruled by PLUTO – much power, difficult to understand. Signifies rebirth, transformation.

Color – Orange

The 3 personal year is ruled by JUPITER – good luck success in generosity expansiveness and abundance.

Three – Good communication skills, interested in art or music, creative, dreamer.  Optimistic and or pessimistic.

Color – Yellow

The 4 personal year is ruled by the SUN – your individuality, what others see.

Four – Detailed, interested in work and how to handle things by the book.  Obedient, frugal, finances.

But a 22/4 personal year is ruled by URANUS – change and originality, sudden events and opportunities creates in sciences.

Color – Green

The 5 personal year is ruled by MERCURY – planet of is associated with communication and intellect and short trip travel.

Five –  Year of major changes, good to bad, bad to good.  Free spirit, usually with people who are younger or act younger.  Personal freedom.  Short distance travel.

Color – Tan

The 6 personal year is ruled by VENUS – love and pleasure, the ability to express affection.

Six – Family is important, home, decorating and working on behalf others.  Likes things done perfect.  Relationship and care for friends, family.  Be willing to compromise.

Color – Blue

The 7 personal year is both the MOON and NEPTUNE – emotions, instinct, the personality, reaction without thinking.  What you see.  Neptune is the mystery and the illusion, the imagination.

Seven – Perfect year for teaching, learning and working on the spiritual side of life.  Things to do with the law may come up, contracts etc.  Faith.  Craves silence.

Color – Purple

The 8 personal year is ruled by SATURN – responsibility, strength of character, ethics of hard work.

Eight – Leading is the name of the game.  Financial year, making money or leading.  Learn to delegate, prestige and reputation.  Good business sense.

Color – Grey

The 9 personal year is ruled by MARS – physical energy and governs the sex drive the forceful side and relationships the sensual side.

Nine – Finish, assistance to others.  Emotional year. Wrapping up what has happened over the past 8 years.  What we do and can do for others being impersonal.  Long distance travel

Color – Gold

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