July is Universal 9 Month

This month will have quiet an effect on us.  It is a time of ending old issues to make way for the new. This month makes us very sensitive, emotions tend to run high, but we need to be grounded.  We are here to be the team players and peacemakers through out this year.

The month is about endings and the impact on us will be a review of what we have been going through. If you go about the business of helping others, you will be pleased at how you will be helping yourself as well. Do use this time to be compassionate as no good deed goes unrewarded.  Help others you will make your world better, and it can be contagious and habit forming. Take time to eliminate those items no long of value to you or those you care about.

This is a great time to do anything with the theater, arts or entertaining. Take the time and open doors to new adventures. Look into the artistic side you may be surprised at what will show up.  Entertain and being entertained is also a good way to spend your time.  You may want to take a look at or try acting, art work of any type or just enjoying those who are creative and showing their talents. 

Be good to others, show love, care and compassion.  Lots of strong power of letting go of past issues to make way for things to come in the future.  Don’t allow the yourself to become impatient and create issues that aren’t warranted. 

Certainly this is not a month to start anything new, this is a time of completing projects.  If someone seems to want to let go and leave, let it be, holding on only makes for some major issues later.  Caring for others is important because you will learn to share and sharing allows you to grow in leaps and bounds.  Practice adjusting to the little things and the big things will take care of them selves.

You may find that this month may seem to be somewhat contagious, all things of the past popping up, your wanting to cram in more then necessary, makes for some quick moves that can add to being a bit accident prone. Slow down the energy, to much to soon creates mistakes.  If there are signs of wanting to get away happening around you, except it, and let it be.  It in the end will clear the air.



By using numerology you can take control of your life and eliminate those issues that can frustrate you.  By following your numbers you can be aware of things that are about to take place allowing you the opportunity to cover the most important issues.  Take advantage of what is offered and know when it is in best interest to let go of something.  Save your energy to focus on what is the most important and allow yourself the opportunity to make the most of a situation.

By using numerology you can see what is to take place and arrange or rearrange issues to be to your best interests.  It’s a good feeling when you know what your able to do and what needs to be placed on hold or eliminated.  It’s a good feeling to know that your in control of what needs to be changed or rearranged.  

Know that allowing numerology to show you when is the best time to make major changes or when it’s best to eliminate what is no longer in your best interest gives you a great step forward.

By knowing your personal numbers, what year your in, what numbers are an asset or when are there karmic issues for you will assist you in making good choices.  We need to know when is the best time to make selections no only in major things, but it’s good to know when your able to make the max out of your choices.  If your spending money on a large purchase, don’t you want to know it’s the best time.  If you have just found that special someone, don’t you want to know they are the right one, or is it a work in progress.

Using your numbers makes for perfect timing to make selections on all issues, job, home purchases, be smarter with additional information.  Know when you need to review or redo what is on your table, take advantage of things to make your life the best it can be.  Your looking to make it the best and not to have to invest in redoing the emotional or financial issues.

With numbers you can chart your own course.  If you appose opportunities out of fear, then you loose the chance of making  life better. I’m a firm believer that “Timing is Everything”.


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Trusting your Intuition:

When you hear that little voice inside telling you what or what not to do, that is your intuition speaking to you. It can be a quick thought or something that makes you feel that strong pull. Many times we ignore it and in doing so miss the good stuff. Our intuitive side is very important and does show us a direction. We many times are wise enough to trust our feelings. Learn to develop your intuitive side, practice working with it. We are all born with ideas or tips if you will of what and how to do things, we just lack the guts at times to follow them.

Lets take a look at how to take advantage of that gut feeling, that intuitive side. I tell my clients keep a list of when you get these feelings and if you did or did not follow that “feeling”.   List the thoughts you get and follow the feelings you have over your emotions. Sometimes you get that overwhelming answer or negative or positive, other times you get that fear feeling of making a mistake. Remember with a mistake at least you took a chance on what you were feeling. You will learn how to relate to those feelings and see what does and does not work.

You need to use your imagination. Let the goals you have tap into your intuitive side and what your plans are or what your future plans are to be. Look at how you do use your imaginative side, do you like using your intuitive tools.   You can make some very good steps for your future by also using that imagination to create the life you want to have and what you would like to add to it. Minor things can lead to great expectations and help your dreams come true. If you think it, you can make it happen.