May 2017 – Universal 6 Month

Universal 6 Month – This is a time when we make adjustments on behalf of others, this includes not only family, but friends and those we deal with on a daily bases. It will encompass, obligations, our relationships, love/marriage, all things that benefit others as well as keeping the neighborhood safe and together. Lets not forget pets as well. If it’s about friends and family, know it will be good for learning and testing the waters. Pay attention to anything that holds water, takes care of or deals with water.

We strive for perfection and seem to knot up when we feel things are less then how we want them. It’s a perfect month to enjoy family and friends by doing something social together, picnic, dinner, happy hour etc.

Those items you have thought to do around the house, like redecorate, paint or plant in the yard seem to have a major paling for you. you can’t help but feel they all seem to top the list at the moment. You can’t help but take a look into your personal self as well; diet, weight, exercise etc.

Looking into alternative health is important, it will allow you to re-evaluate the foods your eating, exercises you doing, or not doing all rolled up into one. Such an opportunity to make the self into what you want and need. All things can give new opportunities, just follow what we have presented to us.

This universal 6 month is all about family and friends. Yep, this can also be what may be the weak link.  Know that if you love something or someone, let it be free, or you can put yourself in a position where you will do without. Caring for and about others is important, but,….. do not tell them what or how to do things, …… Volunteering is a sure fire way to create a mess. If asked to give advise you can do so, if not, zip the lip.  When asked know that it will be great and well handled. If not, know your in the middle of a mud puddle.




Through the analysis of numbers the patterns for your life can be laid out. The patterns show what to expect and how best to cope with what will arise.  All one ever needs to know in Numerology is your birth name and birth date.  These two gifts are for you alone.  They are the foundation you vibrate to.

Using the birth data permits an interpreter to describe such things as Destiny (life’s purpose), Personality (strengths/weaknesses) and, Karma (growth & opportunity). 

Numbers manifest in our every day lives as moods, emotions, ideas, and “accidents”.  Some numbers are fairly easy to cope with while others are “stress” numbers.  We are surrounded by numbers; bank accounts, social security, licenses, addresses, phone numbers and charge accounts, all affect us whether we are aware of it or not. 

Patricia is a nationally known numerologist who has practiced professionally for over forty years.  Patricia has hundreds of clients through out the United States that have taken advantage of her abilities and expertise to guide them in handling business, legal and relationship issues.  

Patricia Kirkman


Tuscon, AZ.

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