January 2021

January is a Universal 6 Month this is the time that family and relationships are what it’s all about. We find we want to assist and care for family members where ever we can. This is great, but it is best to be asked for assistance so they don’t think your prying or meddling. It is important that others are able to do their best without your expecting them to do what you consider their best. If others ask for advice then by all means do so, if not zip the lip. It is important that your tactful with what you expect and ask of others. Your ideas and what you feel is the best for others may not be their idea of what is necessary or required as their best. This is also a month where you could connect with someone who could be important to you and to your future relationships. On the flip side, you may find that it’s the opportune time to delete that relationship that’s been pulling you done. Perfect time to look into alternative medicines, you can never know too much on helping the self and growing into making better decisions for you or even those you care about. Family adjustments may be required, could have to do with the home, family or pets.

Predictions for 2021

As you begin the start of your new year think of the resolutions your wanting to make. Pay attention to ensure they are realistic ones, not something that sounds good and, in the end, you know you’re not going to be able to keep them. To start out knowing it will not be as you wish will only set you up to fail. Instead, look at what you want and what is needed so that you can feel fulfilled by the end results.

To find your personal year for 2021 we add our month and day of birth to 2021 and reduce to a single digit. This will show you what your personal year will be for 2021. First off, 2021 is a 5 Universal Year. To this add your month and day of birth this will tell you what your personal year will be. (example: May 7 is a 5 for May and a 7 for the day. Added together they 5+7=12 1+2=3 add this to the 5 for 2021,

3+5=8. This person will be in an 8 personal year.

1 Person Year: New beginning and opportunities are available to you and for you this year. Lead by example and others will follow.

2 Person Year: Issues dealing with partners, females or new relationships. Being sensitive to your emotions.

3 Person Year: Use your creative side to put things into motion. Good opportunities and luck is around you. Watch what you say or how you say it.

4 Person Year: Details and building a strong foundation is key. Pay attention to health and healing.

5 Person Year: Major changes taking place, doing things quickly is great but need to slow down to avoid being a bit on the accident-prone side.

6 Person Year: Relationships and family are key. Perfection is the name of the year, but try not to direct others traffic unless asked.

7 Person Year: Time to review and meditate on what is around you. Learning and spiritual are key this year.

8 Person Year: Achievements can abound, this is the time to be in control and be in charge. $$$ Making is quite possible this year.

9 Person Year: Perfect time to eliminate what is no longer needed and see what can be done on behalf of others. Nothing new this year, clear up the old.

Numerology is the metaphysical study of a numbers.

· It has been traced back to around the 6th century BC.

· Historians say that the study of numerology predates astrology.

· Numerology is based on the mathematics of the universe: Past. Present. And Future.

Consider this: Almost everything about you can be represented as a number. Your age, your weight, your birthday, your home address, your social security number, bank cards, credit cards, pin numbers, and even your room number here at Canyon Ranch.

Why should your name be any different?

Some basic facts about numerology:

· Every letter in the alphabet has a numerical value from 1-9.

· When we look at your numbers, we reduce your numbers, with a few exceptions, to a single digit.

· In Numerology, zero is not considered a number.

· Each of you have certain numbers in your life – code numbers – that have a lot to say about who you are, why you are here.

· These numbers, once decoded, help you to better understand your destiny, your karmic debt, your spiritual and emotional nature and the things that influence your life, for better or for worse.

· Decoding your numbers can help you discover why some things make you happy, and others get on your nerves. And that included the people around you.

What happens during a numerology reading?

First, we start with your date of birth and reduce that to a single digit.

Then we take a look at your full name – the one you were given at birth – and we reduce each part of your name to a single digit. (Show an example)

Your name reveals many facets of your personality, hidden talents, abilities and future opportunities.

Through your personal numbers – and everybody is unique – you learn your purpose in this lifetime and how to identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as the lessons you are here to learn and the obstacles you must overcome.

Your name reveals many facets of your personality, hidden talents, abilities and future opportunities.

Learning your personal numbers will show you your strength and weaknesses and how-to best work with the give numbers and letters that assist or hinder you your life journey.

New Way of Thinking for Names

2021 is about major changes and also about accidents, more than likely it could be TOO MUCH TIME AT HOME, NOW WE NEED TO AVOID NAMING MISTAKES.

With all that is taking place these days and the stay at home being the norm we will more than likely be seeing an increase in our birth population. So…. now is the time to pay attention to make sure you don’t make naming mistakes.

It is important that you look for a name that will not only fit the child but also your family vibrations. Name choices should be between you and your partner. No need to make it so others are happy, that ends up with people feeling short changed later.

Remember the initials of a name can have as much of an impact as the name we choose. We don’t need MAD, ICK, BUG etc., you can see where this is going. Also, names that run into issues, if they are rhymes.

Choosing a family name is great, but many times we need to remember how the name sounds in initials or as a total name. William Fold sounds nice until it becomes Bill Fold, or Candace Cane becomes Candy Cane.

Look at the initials, and the short cuts used in names before you put the name on the birth certificate.

Writing Your Goals 2021

Writing Your Goals for 2021 is the basis for all the things you want to accomplish in this coming year of your life. It can be more about our looking for a better job, more money or a partner.

List the things that make you want to achieve and excel not just allow yourself to muddy the waters and stay in the same old space.

Focus on the things that make you feel good so that you’re more willing to take the positive steps to excel. Focus on what is needed. You need to allow yourself to make adjustments.

Your ideas shouldn’t be other than short ideas used to give you what you need to use as a jumping point for the future.

Don’t over do your thoughts or you will find you won’t complete them. A positive approach to your ideas will assist you in completing your thoughts.

Put together your thoughts about what you want to happen in the future and how you want to have things take place. Allow yourself the opportunity to save and work for the success of your projects.

Take the time to list your thoughts and ideas and how you plan to make things happen so your able take advantage of your wishes.

Write down your wishes and by doing so you will refresh you mind so that keep your thought’s ever present and are able to achieve your beliefs or goals.


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