May 2021 is a 1 Universal Month

As we begin again, let’s make this the best of times.  How lucky to have these fresh starts taking place in a year of change.  Like magic, we refresh the pages of our new beginning in a time that allows us the opportunity to have fresh starts that give us the opportunity to grow and gain not only knowledge, but to know that also has a luck factor to go along with it.   

 This opportunity allows you to not only make major changes, but affords you the opportunity to grow and expand into the world you want to be in.  It is your choice.  The year does have a luck factor to it as I have said, so it’s important that we allow ourselves to take it vantage of it.  This is our opportunity to enhance our world and in doing so we, we also in enhance that of those around us. Trust your instincts and intuition, it’s a perfect time for you not to be afraid to take that extra chance, be original and inventive, be the leader of the pack.  You will be surprised at how your intuition points you in the correct direction to not only give help, but also to get help. Go after what you want, your example will encourage others, nothing will stop you but you.

Lets talk Numbers

Numbers manifest in our everyday lives as moods, emotions, ideas, and “accidents”.  Some numbers are fairly easy to cope with while others are “stress” numbers.   Our Destiny is our life’s purpose, our Personality are strengths/weakness, and Karma is our growth and opportunity.  We see so many opportunities to enhance our worlds but unfortunately we don’t always take advantage of them. 

 Numbers appear all around you, your birth name for starters. The phone numbers you dial, the license plate on the car in front of you, street signs, pin codes, clocks, a new calendar year.

Take a look at what your looking for in your personal life, your business world as well as your day to day life.  If we look to the future we can accomplish much, we learn by remembering our past life lessons and use this as your outline. There is no point in redoing mistakes, use where we have been as guides to get a better future. 

 The connection between numerology and you, is very simple, every number, every letter represents you and what is happening for, to, or around you.  We can consider this our Psychic Blueprint. 

 This is a useful tool to help you understanding the unique aspects of your life. Using your personal name and birth information you can better understand

  • Why you get along better with some people, and less well with others
  • Why you find certain situations frustrating and difficult.
  • What karmic lessons you need to learn during this lifetime.
  • How to achieve your fullest potential
  • How to find satisfaction and happiness.

In numerology, your two most important numbers are your birth date and your destiny number.  You have opportunities and a gift to learn who you are and how to make this the very best of times for the now and for your future.

Feeling Stressed Grounding Technique

If your feeling ungrounded and disorganized during this period, know that you have an opportunity to help yourself work on your issues.  

If you allow your fears or anxieties to work on you and you feel you need assistance, prayer is a great choice.

If you wish to try this to assist yourself, follow this grounding technique. It’s simple and quick!

Concentrate as best you can on what is taking place.  It is possible to take care of your personal issues by simply concentrating on your daily issues for a starter, then add, as you can, what else is hanging in the wind. 

  1.  Allow yourself to feel centered and focused.  
  2.  Bring in positive energies by staying focused on the major issues.  
  3.  Start breathing, take deep breaths this will assist you in grounding and you will start to feel more balanced.  As you take your deep breathes you will feel more relaxed and feel more balanced in your life.  
  4.  As you breathe bring in the positive breaths and release the negative things you feel in your body.  Inhaling for your health and well being and exhaling the negative.  

Relax and allow yourself to feel this throughout your entire body!

 What is Sun Number?

Your astrological Sun sign is based on the day and month of your birth and the Numerology Sun Number is also based on the day and month of your birth, your Sun Number is represented by a single-digit number, 1 – 9. Your number is easy to calculate. It describes your personality traits at a high and simplified level. By looking at the combined numbers of the day and month of birth, the first pattern of your existence is known by the day and month your born. 

The Sun Number brings our character and categorizes them into 9 groups (similar to Astrology’s 12 zodiac signs). The more you details you provide of the day of birth like your name you will see your more then just a sun number, you emerge as a very unique person.

Does the Sun Number work with other numbers in my Numerology chart?

Your Sun Number reveals how you approach the cycles and how they tend to influence you. For example, if your Sun Number is 1, you tend to take opportunities and challenges head on. You don’t back down, and you generally don’t ask for help. If your Sun Number is 2, you tend to deal with circumstances by looking at the pros and cons, then take the necessary steps.

Who discovered the Sun Number? 

Master Numerologist Hans Decoz, introduced the Sun Number The combination of birth month and birth date thanks to Hans Decoz, now this base number has a name.

How to find your Sun Number

Your Sun Number is a single-digit number derived from your month and date of birth and is to calculate and never changes. Simply add your month and day of birth, and reduce to a single digit

Example, if you were born June 14, add 6 (for June) and 14, is 20, which reduces to 2 (2 + 0). If you were born December 22, add 12 (for December) and 22, is 34. Reduce 34 by adding 3 and 4 to find the Sun Number 7.

SUN NUMBER 1 – Stubborn, not afraid of confrontations and can be too impulsive. Strong stamina, if pushing to much can crash and burn, and need to recoup. Need to be aware of changes coming in advance. Less pride and more humble is the ticket.

The most compatible Sun Numbers for the 1 are 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9; all odd numbers except the 2, which is the most fitting romantic partner.

SUN NUMBER 2 – Weigh the pros and cons and consider consequences. Avoids direct confrontations, very diplomatic.  They are intuitive and understanding. Have a good sense of timing and are resilient. The 2 is very sympathetic to others issues and do tend to be emotionally vulnerable where romance is concerned.

Sun Numbers 1, 5, 6, 8, and 9, are more inclined to make good romantic choices for the 2.

SUN NUMBER 3 – Creative and innovative as they are very original and tend to think outside the box. Optimistic and at times childlike. Love to avoid responsibilities and enjoys attention. Loved by others but they tend to be a bit superficial. They are great at overcoming obstacles and take great advantage of any and all opportunities.

3 Sun Number are more suited for romance when paired with other 3’s but mostly suited romantically with the 1, 3, 5, and 7.

SUN NUMBER 4 – Detailed and very efficient in how they handle things. They aren’t too happy about changes and likes things to remain the status quo. If they wait to long to take control they tend to miss opportunities. They demand much from them selves and tend also to procrastinate which creates frustration. Have a hard time relaxing. To be successful Sun Number 4s accept that nothing is guaranteed in life and they need to take occasional risks.

4 Sun Numbers need for a good relationship leads them to the 5, 6 and 8 as the most suitable partners.

SUN NUMBER 5 – Is best at dealing with changes and in fact thrives on making changes. They prefer an environment that is dynamic and has some chaos to it. The love of changes and travel and quick fixes is more their speed. Love of social and being with others usually those younger then themselves. The unpredictable is their mantra which can create some issues with over indulgences. Theyreally don’t like routine, or anything predictable for that matter. They lack discipline which can cause problems such as addiction or self-indulgence.

The Sun Number 5 does very well with 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7, they love the luck that is created with them and 5 is a born lover.

SUN NUMBER 6 – These are the caregivers, very stable and can be very self righteous as they feel they have all the answers. They take their responsibilities very seriously as they are very down to earth. They tend to careers that involve construction and or are home motivated. They are good organizers and like things in their world perfect.

Sun Number 6 takes romance very seriously 2, 5, 6, 7, and 9, all have opportunities with the 6 but occasionally the 7 and 9 can at the end win the heart of a Sun Number 6.

SUN NUMBER 7 – Spiritual and the dreamers, they tend to be more of a teacher to the world. They aren’t materialistic and can be more introverted. They can be opinionated to a fault, so should speak last so not to be made to feel the fool. Changes don’t bother them actually they learn from them as they are very curious and at time eccentric. Sun Number 7 can be a late bloomer with the spiritual and intellectual planes the most important.

Sun Number 7 do best with 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 or 9, but the 7 tend to fall in love much less often than the other numbers, but when it happens it is their priority. 

SUN NUMBER 8 – These are the authoritarians, they like to be in charge and in control at all times. They tend to up tight when they aren’t in control. They can be aggressive and they are very capable and smart at handling large projects and get the pictures more quickly then others. They are great in the material world need to watch being overly optimistic or too high expectations. They like to be the authority but don’t like to except authority.

Sun Number 8 does best with the 2, all other numbers have to really work for the relationship. As the 8 does not please easily when it comes to romance. Much of this is because they don’t show their feeling. In romance they tend to be level headed and the lack of passion can take a lot out of the relationship, but they are loyal and you can feel safe.

SUN NUMBER 9 – Tend to be aloof and distant, that’s how they protect themselves because they are not great with it comes to the personal emotional issues. They are great for the world at large though. They are great with strategies and adjusting to changes. Great for others and as a planner or as a good advisor for others.  9s like things to be well thought out, and carefully strategized and all possibilities considered as they have no problem adjusting to changing circumstances. It’s important that a 9 feels they have made their life count.


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