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   Universal  Month9

September is a time for endings and new beginnings

It is a time to wrap up old issues and make way for something new.

2016—a universal 9 year—has also been about endings and new beginnings, which explains why you’ve been feeling threads slip through your fingers, even if you didn’t want to let go.

Embrace the future and quit trying to change the past. Let go. Let go of your anger. Let go of your frustration. Let go of those things that no longer have relevance in your life.

If you go about the business of helping others and you will be pleased at how, in the end, you end up helping yourself as well.

Practice compassion. Helping others can be habit forming. And rewarding

Looking forward, anything related to the theater, arts or entertaining should go very well.  Get creative in your thinking, in your dress, in your life.



Mercury Retrograde Continues in September
Hold on tight. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Mercury will be in retrograde this month, appearing to travel backwards across the sky. This happens about four times a year, and it is always a bad time for communications.

Be prepared for miscommunication. Both electronic and personal. Your stuff won’t work as well as it usually does, and your mouth will also get you into trouble: What you say and what you don’t say.

The key is to be patient and just learn how to work with it.

This is not a good time to start anything new, or to sign any legal documents or any papers of importance.

It is not a good time to make major purchases or long term commitments.

This is, however, an excellent time to get yourself organized and to work at revamping old projects that never got finished,

Use this time to back up your information and certainly remember to save your work more often.

Mercury goes direct on September 22, but the shadow period continues until Oct. 6th.



           On Line Dating;

Let’s do the Mathastro.chart

 If your tired of trying to find Mr/Ms perfect the conventional way, thru friends, family members friends, people you meet out, then to find your disappointed with who they really are or how much they didn’t tell you until it was to late and your emotions are over ruling your head. Disappointments are hard to take in this area of our lives.

Changes need to be made, lets look at an easy way to see who our potential relation may really be. Are they who they profess to be, are they really as advertised, well lets take a look at the numbers.

This is really a great and easy way to check out that new person before you make any type of commitment. This could be emotional, financial or just for a fling. Know who your entertaining for the long haul.

Is this a good time to be in a relationship for you, what are you looking for this year, fun, company or a permanent relationship? Your personal year will let you know these things. Maybe it isn’t the perfect year for what you want, but each year tells us something about what we are doing or where we are going. We can always use practice.

Let’s look into who they are by what is their personal year and how do our personal years match up or work together. You will see what their personal year is and how it is effected by yours, the good or the great, or the oops.

Our personal year is found by adding our month and day of birth together and reduce to a single digit. Add to that the 9 for the universal year (2016).

We will look at each personal year and it will give you a good idea of what and who could work together or if this is a great relationship for the short term. Many times we aren’t looking for more then that ourselves.

One – New Beginnings, may be more interested in career or self at this time. (may have just ended a negative situation last year.

Two – This is about partnerships, companionship, new friends, relationships, wanting to be with someone special. Last year tended to be all about business or career.

Three – Social, wanting to have fun. Looking for that creative side to come to the front of the line. Can tend to be scattered or talk too much. They could tend to gossip at this time, you won’t want to hear about past loves.

Four – Workaholic, much is about money or lack of. Detailed, won’t miss much so keep your word and watch what you say so it doesn’t come across as harsh or negative. Really very grounded, but stubborn.

Five – Love freedom, are risk takers, love the sensual side, looks for rapid changes and things are going at high speed. Never bored with them this year. Last year you wouldn’t have taken the time to know them.

Six – Perfectionist, important to them that one’s word is kept. Wants a comfortable home and to spend time at home or with family and friends. Flexible and an be a mediator. (Wants that relationship to be a keeper).

Seven – Much to do about teaching, learning, the spiritual side. Low key, keeps much to self so you may find yourself having to pull out information about who or what they want and like. Craves silence so keep it low key with them, no boogie nights for them.

Eight – Likes to be in control, to come across that they can handle and take care of anything. They may spend more money then usual to show that they have value. They want to be seen as successful and prestige is important to them.

Nine – They have a lot of empathy for others, quietly is of assistance to others. Doesn’t make a big splash about it. Can be very sensitive and rather dramatic this year, after all it is the year of the actor or actress. This is a year of endings, so enjoy their positive side and know it isn’t for the long haul.


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