March is a one month in our Seven Universal year

Dealings with our spiritual side, in a one month of new beginnings.  New beginnings in a year dealing with our need to teach and learn as well.

This is a great time to start something just for you.  Your determination will make this a special month.  There may be a tendency for headaches or itchy eyes today but it won’t last long.  Take those steps forward that are in your best interest, be the leader.  You can expect some recognition if you’re doing your day correctly, nothing holds you back except you.  This month is about leading and taking charge, you double that up as the day and month are the same.

Spending time by or around water is very therapeutic.  It can be a river, stream, pool, or even a shower.  Use the time to rest and relax and rethink your life, past, present and future.  What needs to be reviewed and what needs to be added.  It is going to make us look into what needs to be dealt with allowing time to rethink what our life is all about.  It teaches us about our spiritual side as well as the daily issues. Secrets can be made known so don’t forget that.  Things dealing with legal issues can pop up so pay attention.

If your unfamiliar with numerology, know that there is nothing in your life that doesn’t involve numbers.  Starts with your birthday, your birth name.   Look at your life; it’s full of numbers; each day involves your house number, phone number, social security number, driver’s license, credit cards, bank accounts.  All these numbers represent you. 

Regardless of what personal year you’re in, the universal year will affect all your involved with.  If youre interested in the spiritual side this is excellent year to purse this.  Regardless of your interests, this This is an excellent year for teaching and learning of all types. 

Patience is the key to understanding and teaching this year.  You will find that youre going to feel more tired then usual and find that the mind will deal with past issues.  Hard to shut your mind off, especially so in the dream stage.  This is an excellent year to be in touch with our inner side. Thing’s may seem to be filtered and not totally clear, but do know they are seen as they should be by your own personal year.

NOTE:   Each month of 2023 will have a dual impact:  To find your personal year, add your month and day of birth together, reduce them to a single digit.  This number is. Added to the. 7 universal year and you will have your personal year number for 2023.  All issues at this time will deal with your personal year for 2023, but also the Universal year



Thoughts to use while showering to could enhance your day

 When you take a shower, visualize washing away stress and anxiety.  Concentrate on the feel of water on your skin.  Envision the power of water washing away negative thoughts.  Allowing feelings of sadness, depression, regret, anger, washing off of you.  Let it all go down the drain.  You’ll feel lighter and feel more clearly.


 Tidbit if your Interested Astrology

For those that want to be or are students or for those that are just interested in Astrology as well as Numerology I want to give you an extra bit of information about your personal year. 

You can acquire additional information by looking at the personal year along with the planet that rules what personal year your in. 


  The 1 personal year is ruled by the SUN

  The 2 personal year is ruled by the MOON

  If its an 11/2 personal year its ruled by PLUTO

  The 3 personal year is ruled by JUPITER

  The 4 personal year is ruled by the SUN

  But a 22/4 personal year is ruled by URANUS

  The 5 personal year is ruled by MERCURY

  The 6 personal year is ruled by VENUS

  The 7 personal year is both the MOON and NEPTUNE

  The 8 personal year is ruled by SATURN

  The 9 personal year is ruled by MARS


Since this is a Seven Universal Year and we are about learning

It’s good to learn more about ourselves.  I found this poem many years ago and thought it so eye opening.  I hope you find it so as well.


The Guy in the Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self

And the world makes you king for a day

Then go to the mirror and look at yourself

And see what that guy has to say.


For it isn’t your mother, your father or wife

 Who’s judgment on you must pass.

 The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life

 Is the guys stare back to the glass.


 He’s a fellow to please, never mind all the rest

 For he’s with you clear to the end;

And you’ve passed your most dangerous and difficult test

 If the guy in the glass is your friend.


You may be Jack Horner chiseled a plum

 And think you are a wonderful guy,

 But the guy in the glass says you are a bum

 If you don’t like him straight in the eye.


 You may fool the whole world down-the path of years

And get pats on the back as you pass;

But the final reward will be heartaches and tears

If you’ve cheated the guy in the glass.




Margarita My Guest Reader


We all have specialties and I want to let you know about my good friend Margarita. She is a Psychic who explores all levels of the Past Present Future of your questions or concerns using Astrology Palmistry Tarot Dream Interpretation and more. Understanding the situational roots and origins explains where and why and how events are unfolding around you.

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