February 2017

                     3 Universal Month

The month starts with a lot of optimism and some great ideas.   You will find your going to be a bit more of the dreamer then usual this month and that can be quiet interesting as your creative juices are also running on high. Add to this the fact that there is a luck factor that runs with all that is transpiring this month. Being optimistic it is much better then allowing yourself to be pessimistic now. Your social side is reaching upward and your allowing new friendships to take place. Positive ideas to share as you care for others. Colors seem to pop around you and your more interested in things that are different and have pleasure to the senses.


Valentines Day

Relationships are never easy. If you’re over 21 you have probably been in and out of “love” more than once… which begs the question, what is true love, but that’s something we’ll discuss another time.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume you are already in a romantic relationship – either by marriage or a long-term commitment – or you are just starting a new relationship after ending one that didn’t quite work out the way you hoped.

Either way, odds are, that somewhere in the back of your mind the thought keeps nagging, “Did I make a mistake?” “ Is this the person I am supposed to be sharing / spending / wasting my life with?”

According to the experts, the average couple now has a 57% chance of seeing their 15th wedding anniversary.

RELATIONSHIPS ARE NEVER EASY. If your looking for your valentine try doing it by the numbers. Lets start from a place where you have additional information on your side.  

The good ones take work, hard work, and if you continue to drag your baggage with you as you go through life, it will never get easier.

The hardest part about starting a new relationship is knowing how and when to let go of the last one. I tell my clients that fresh starts and new beginnings are possible when you are honest with yourself.

Use the past as a guide to knowing what not to do in the future. Learn those lessons, and then let it go. (No calling. No texting. No booty calls. If you must get together with your EX – pick a neutral location, lights on, feet on the floor, and remember to be respectful.) Once you leave the baggage behind, you will be free to start something new.

Relationships are hard, but they are also worthwhile. Someone special is looking to find you. Keep an open mind and an open heart.

How to find the personal year for yourself or a friend

If your unsure of your personal year, just follow the rule of looking at the Universal Year for 2017, add the numbers across 2+0+1+7= 10 add the 10, 1+0 = 1.   Now to find your own personal year, add your birth month and day together (ex. August 7th) 8 + 7 = 15 reduce to single number 1 + 5 = 6. The universal year is a 1 add 8 for your birth month and 7 for the birthday. So, your numbers puts you in a 7 personal year.

Do this for a friend or that special someone so you have a better idea of how your years will go together.

For a quick glance of your 2017 personal year (add your personal numbers to the universal number) Now also do this for someone close to you to see what might need work in 2017.

1 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; You will see many things in a positive way. Cooperation will be quite good between you as each will see the others point of view. Do watch the nerves each would prefer to be the leader.

2 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; Can be a bit explosive, the 1 person will tend to be nit picky. This can cause some bickering and could bring separations because of the emotional side.

3 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; Don’t expect them to want to socialize and play. That is your year, they will tend to be a bit sarcastic, but if worked at this can be a good year.

4 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; Considerable stress in communicating. They will tend to be too serious for your liking. Sexuality might become manipulative. Good combination in business ventures.

5 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; Can be irritated due to other opinions and variety of interests. Things can go well one minute then off key the next.

6 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; Their feeling all goes well may make you irate at times. If you overly cling to them this will not go well. On the emotional side it will go well, but if you want to much togetherness they will resent being tied down.

7 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; you may find your quiet impatient and inconsiderate due to tensions. Responsibility and or mutual trust may be impeded.

8 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; Can have arguments and strong discussions with each trying to be the winner. Great business combination when positive, if negative look out.

9 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; If selfishness sets in this is a bad combination. Power plays caused by money disagreements will tip the scale.


Have You Found Out What Your Destiny number is;

                                                                It’s our purpose for being here

Your Destiny number is found by adding your month, day and year of birth together and reduce to a single number. It stays with you all of your life and never changes. It represents what you were born to be or do.

1 Destiny Number rushes into things and through things, and may require a lot of help or direction from a partner. He or she can tend to be hard headed and want to be seen as “the leader”.

2 Destiny Number will show they are romantic and want to show their partner how sensitive they are. He or she can be overly sensitive and need continual stroking and reassuring.

3 Destiny Number can be very exciting and show much imagination in the relationship, but he or she can tend to over spend trying to win and impress you, and then feel broke and resentful shortly there after.

4 Destiny Number usually isn’t very romantic but will let you know he or she cares by being overly practical. This person can be somewhat dictatorial when directing your traffic.

5 Destiny Number is romantic, sensual and loves to caress and be caressed. Atmosphere is important to them. He or she enjoys being the life of the party and is not shy about taking some risks.

6 Destiny Number wants perfection in the relationship and puts many demands on themselves for that perfection. He or she may attempt to improve you, turn you into that perfect someone, just like mom or dad.

7 Destiny Number tends to think too much about relationships and fears he or she won’t be able to keep their partner happy. A recluse by nature, he or she can prefer staying out of crowds and the limelight.

8 Destiny Number is the controller and feels that taking charge or control of the relationship will make it better. He or she can be more of a “I’ll handle the money” manager – and that includes your money as well.

9 Destiny Number can be very dramatic and passionate in how he or she relates to the relationship, as it will be very important to them. This person can be exhausting if they live a life full of drama.


Give Something Special to Someone Special

If someone you know is wondering what the future has in store, a Numerology Reading is the perfect fit.  Relationships, Business, Event Timing, Romance.

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Your Personal Year and Ruling Planet

For those  interested in Astrology and Numerology I want to give you an extra bit of information about your personal year.

You can acquire additional information by looking at your personal year along with the planet that rules what personal year your in.

(How to calculate your personal year)

The 1 personal year is ruled by the SUN – your individuality, what others see.

One – Fresh starts and new beginnings, about the self, business success, not emotional success, being a leader.

Color – Red

The 2 personal year is ruled by the MOON – emotions, instinct, the personality, reaction without thinking.  What you see.

Two – Partnerships, peacemaker, sensitive, team player, emotional, form important relationships.

If its an 11/2 personal year its ruled by PLUTO – much power, difficult to understand. Signifies rebirth, transformation.

Color – Orange

The 3 personal year is ruled by JUPITER – good luck success in generosity expansiveness and abundance.

Three – Good communication skills, interested in art or music, creative, dreamer.  Optimistic and or pessimistic.

Color – Yellow

The 4 personal year is ruled by the SUN – your individuality, what others see.

Four – Detailed, interested in work and how to handle things by the book.  Obedient, frugal, finances.

But a 22/4 personal year is ruled by URANUS – change and originality, sudden events and opportunities creates in sciences.

Color – Green

The 5 personal year is ruled by MERCURY – planet of is associated with communication and intellect and short trip travel.

Five –  Year of major changes, good to bad, bad to good.  Free spirit, usually with people who are younger or act younger.  Personal freedom.  Short distance travel.

Color – Tan

The 6 personal year is ruled by VENUS – love and pleasure, the ability to express affection.

Six – Family is important, home, decorating and working on behalf others.  Likes things done perfect.  Relationship and care for friends, family.  Be willing to compromise.

Color – Blue

The 7 personal year is both the MOON and NEPTUNE – emotions, instinct, the personality, reaction without thinking.  What you see.  Neptune is the mystery and the illusion, the imagination.

Seven – Perfect year for teaching, learning and working on the spiritual side of life.  Things to do with the law may come up, contracts etc.  Faith.  Craves silence.

Color – Purple

The 8 personal year is ruled by SATURN – responsibility, strength of character, ethics of hard work.

Eight – Leading is the name of the game.  Financial year, making money or leading.  Learn to delegate, prestige and reputation.  Good business sense.

Color – Grey

The 9 personal year is ruled by MARS – physical energy and governs the sex drive the forceful side and relationships the sensual side.

Nine – Finish, assistance to others.  Emotional year. Wrapping up what has happened over the past 8 years.  What we do and can do for others being impersonal.  Long distance travel

Color – Gold

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