June 2021 is a 2 Universal Month In a 5 Universal Year

This is the time of being the peacemaker as well as dealings with partnerships. Sensitivity is certainly a good part of this month.  This will give and create issues with opportunities to enhance relationships as well as opportunity to grow businesses.  You may find that issues with females can be at the top of the list and can create opportunities for success coming from females.  You may also find that working at using those ideas you have for a partnership may enhance your world.  Don’t allow your sensitive side to detract from the opportunities in front of you.

 Life is certainly tossing us a few curves at the moment and I am a firm believer in using all the tools made available to us to enhance this our lives. Numerology is an excellent tool and extremely insightful as well as accurate in assisting us in our quest for direction when we are dealing with uncertainty, a look to your Numerology Chart is an excellent place to look for guidance.  Especially this month as we are in a retrograde.  This being said we must pay very close attention to all things that transpire.  Relationships, partners as well as issues with women are the top of the list.  If your in a personal 2 month you have to be giving and taking.  The 2 is about partnerships and being a team player, as well as relationships.  In a two year you need to be co operative, when working with the 2 you will find the need to be the one who is the team player.    It gives you opportunity to make the most out of your personal or universal issues.

 The Universal 2 month, is all about being sensitive and sometimes overly so.  June is a Universal two month so regardless of what your personal month is we are all effected by the two.   This is all about partnerships and relationships for everyone especially those dealing with females.  Some are able to use this to their advantage at this time, others have to hold course until next month.  We look a lot at the odd and even principle of the numbers, odd with odd, even with even, so if your in a 1 personal month and the universe is the 2 month, they don’t quiet fit.  You will find more of a tug of war going on around you, but when the numbers fit, good going for us all.  You can be the best of peacemakers but don’t allow the self to become the door mat for others.  Regardless of what your personal year is, this month you will feel a lot of emotions.  

 That Special Gift  

Looking for a gift for that special birthday, graduations, or wedding.  Have you thought of their special birthstone or a stone that will enhance their world.  There are a lot of choices to choose from and each can make it a special memory of the event.

If it’s for a birthstone or to celebrate that special month for a wedding, graduation or birth of a baby you have many choices to make.  If a birthstone is if worn during it’s assigned month it is said to heighten it’s healing powers

 The stones for the calendar months are;

 January –  Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine

April- Diamond

May- Emerald

June- Pearl

July- Ruby

August- Peridot

September- Sapphire

October- Opal

November- Citrine

December- Blue Topaz


The stones for the zodiac signs are;

 Aries (March 21 – April 19) Diamond

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Amber

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Agate

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Moonstone

Leo (July 23 – August 22) Tourmaline

Virgo (August 23 – September22) Blue Sapphire

Libra (September 23 – October 22) Lapis Lazuli

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) Aquamarine

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Turquoise

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) Ruby

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Garnet

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Amethyst

 With all this going on in your world we know that there is stress around the corner, so that being the case, Crystals for Nerves is the next place to go.


Crystals for Nerves

Amethyst; reduces anxiety by helping reestablish boundaries and sense of control.

Garnet; kick starts belief in personal powers

Lapis Lazuli; gives reassurance and eases tension

Sunstone; relieves optimism and enhances good fortune

Sapphire; reaffirms purpose and direction

Kunzite; eases emotions, releasing blocks created by past trauma



If you’re interested and would like to know what things lie ahead for you this coming month, it is advisable to take a look at how to find your personal month.  Then take a look into the month, as this will tell you what you can expect.

It is important that you always reduce the numbers to a single digit.

To find your Personal Year:  Add your month and day of birth together, add this number to the universal year.  2021 = 2+0+2+1= 23/5 or 2+2+1=5.  This is the universal year for everyone.

To find your Personal Year:  To the universal year you add the month and day of birth.  This gives you your personal information.

(Ex:   May 11 = 5+11 = 7)  to the universal year 2021   2+0+2+1 = 5 you add the month & day together and the year.

7 + 5 = 12/3

This person is in a 1 personal year.

Here are the descriptions for each of the personal months as well as the personal days.  Remember to read them together.  The most important is firstly the year, then the month.

1 Personal Year is about New Beginnings and fresh starts

2 Personal Year is about Partnerships and relationships

3 Personal Year is about Creativity and communications

4 Personal Year is about Work and security

5 Personal Year is about Changes and luck

6 Personal Year is about Family and Relationships

7 Personal Year is about Spirituality and Learning

8 Personal Year is about Being in control and finances

9 Personal Year is about What we do for others and the Arts

The personal months that we go through have an impact on us as well.  Look into the year first, then look at the month, they are both effecting us.

What’s In A Name?
by Patricia Kirkman

The first letter of someone’s first name can tell you a lot.

 1.  A, J, and S creators, leaders, and originators. Self initiators. A is aggressive and will not be detoured from its goal.  J are mental, but J may be inclined to put things off.  The S is more emotional, and consequently the feelings might cloud your thinking.

 2.  B, K, and T follow rather than lead, Great in partnerships. Can tend to be packrats.  B is shy, emotional, and needs affection and mothering.  The peacemakers.  K is intuitive, and follows hunches.  It is receptive.  T is nervous and eager for spiritual development.
3.  C, L, and U are interested in self-expression are social, lean to the lighter side of life. Optimistic or pessimistic. Can be extravagant and wasteful.  C has psychic ability but is not cognizant of its gift. Creative.  L is mental and uses reasoning power, while U is weaker than the others because if its dual nature. All are good communicators.
4.  D, M, V. are down to earth and practical. Routine can make them feel bored.  Can be procrastinators.  D is efficient, a hard worker, usually is not emotional.  M is more about show me.  Is thorough like the D, but is repressed and unexpressive, and often is unfeeling toward others.  V is inspirational and intuitive.
5.  E, N, and W.  They are physical often bound up in the senses. Loves changes and can be self indulgent.  E, while physical, can reach the realm of inspiration.  N is imaginative and wavering in decisions, though he uses mental power in his interpretations.  W is also physical, and while desiring higher aspirations.
6.  F, O, X.  carry much responsibility, and are tied to home duties. Need to be cautious of being meddlesome.  F is intuitional, O is inspirational but inclined to draw power to himself.  X is the most difficult for this letter usually entails sacrifice.  It is a karmic letter.
7.  G, P, Y are mental, analytical, and introspective. They crave silence. G is mental but aloof, needs understanding.  P is also mental, but lacks the willpower of G.  Intuitive. Y is dual in nature. Faith is an issue. It has fine psychic gifts.
8.  H, Q, and Z. Tend to be charitable. These are the organizers. Reputation and prestige is important to them.  H is advancing from the material to the mental plane, but vacillating in decisions.  Q functions in two worlds, and so can be lacking guidance.  Z is inspirational and understands human emotions, and control emotional crisis.
9.  I and R are selfless numbers interested in humanity. Empathic and yet impersonal on all levels. Both I and R have good memories and are willing to assist others. I is the light bearer.  R is more selfless and understanding than any other number or letter.  Tolerant with others, for understanding then any other letter. 



 One of the things we haven’t mentioned is how the colors can effect us.  Looking at the number of that the colors represent we can see if we are working with that as a personal month, day or year, it could be a good color for us to wear.  Could be just a scarf that gives us a hint of the color or to help where we have a karmic issue with the number, we can reinforce a bit of good karma to ourselves.  Actually wearing a color that is good for us is quiet beneficial.  Notice that in the different books on color we are given power colors to wear.  Well it isn’t any different when we look at our numbers.  If you’re in a one personal day and you’re off to a job interview, why not wear some red.  It is a good power color.  If your working on your spiritual side and it is a good day for learning and lessons, I would wear some purple.  After all it is the color of learning and spirituality.  Green is a good healing color and makes one feel relaxed and comfortable.  So you choose what works best for you.  Use your color of the year, or for your personal month or day.  You will be surprised when you start to pay attention to this, that someday you make the right choice automatically.

           1 = Red                         6 = Blue

         2 = Orange                     7 = Purple

         3 = Yellow                     8 = Gray

         4 = Green                      9 = Gold

         5 = Tan


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