What’s Your Number?

What’s Your Number?

Numbers have both a positive and negative impact on our lives, but no one number is either positive or negative, good or bad.

Numbers fall into different categories depending where they turn up in your chart. For example, if there is a number missing in your name, it is a clear sign that it relates to a karmic lesson you have to work on in this life time. The reverse is also true. If you have an over abundance of a specific number, then it also creates a challenge…as in too much of a good thing.  When you understand how numerology works in your life, it gives you an opportunity to stay ahead of the pack.

Start With Your Name Number

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Your name number is an expression of your personality and a key to your ambition or achievements.
To find your number, start with your full name from birth and, using the chart above, assign a number to each letter. Add the numbers together until you get a single digit.

  • Your first name is your physical self.
  • Your middle name is your emotional self.
  • Your last name is your spiritual self.
Ex: George Timothy Clooney
Name Number Value Interpretation
George = 7+5+6+9+7+5 = 39 > 3+9 = 12 > 1+2 = 3Timothy = 2+9+4+6+2+8+7 = 38 > 3+8 = 11 > 1+1 = 2

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0 2 2 1 4 4 4 1 2
3 is the total of the letters in the name George. The number 3 is all about creativity, and George has used that well in his artistic career.The number 1 is the only number missing from his name. The 1 represents self, ego, and who we feel we are. The missing 1 indicates that no matter how well he hides it, underneath he has an inferiority complex and is overly insecure.

1 x 0 = insecure, inferiority complex (his only karma)

2 x 2 = sensitive and peacemaker

3 x 2 = creative and out going

4 x 1 = detailed

5 x 4 = flexible

6 x 4 = strong family issues, lack of childhood

7 x 4 = extremely intuitive, extremely intelligent

8 x 1 = will make and have money in this lifetime
9 x 2 = very concerned about the world at large



To sum this up in total we are looking at a man that is very creative has strong family values, is very concerned about others, and can be flexible. Because of the four sevens in his name he is a teacher in this lifetime, much more spirituality that goes with him then others are led to believe.His intuition is extremely good and many times he knows things without knowing why.Just looking at the first name of George, he keeps much to himself, people think they know him but they don’t. He only allows those around him to know the part that’s pertinent to their relationship.



Next Comes Your Personal Year Number

There are personal events and universal events that affect each and everyone of us. How we react to things and how we see things are influenced by our own personal years.  We all move through nine, yearly cycles that influence our destiny. Using your date of birth, it’s possible to see where you are on your personal journey and how you will experience your trip from year to year.

To compute your Personal Year Number start by adding together the month and day of your birth. Add to that the number of the current universal year. For 2011, the Universal Year is 4. In 2012, the Universal year will be a 5. Reduce your answer to a single number.

For example: If you were born October 11:  10+11+ 2+0+1+1 = 25 > 2+5 = 7. You are in a 7 personal year.

This is a thumbnail list of what each personal year represents:

  • 1 personal year is about career
  • 2 personal year is about partnerships
  • 3 personal year is about creative issues
  • 4 personal year is about work and learning how to enjoy it.
  • 5 personal year is about freedom
  • 6 personal year is about family responsibility
  • 7 personal year is knowledge
  • 8 personal year is business & organization
  • 9 personal year is empathy

Your Personal Month and Day

Just as we evolve through a Personal Year cycle, we also experience monthly and daily cycles, even though their impact is subtle compared to the Personal Year cycle. You can think of the yearly and monthly cycles as spirals
within spirals, all interconnected.

The Personal Month and Day cycles proceed according to the same patterns – 1 though 9 – that the Personal Year cycle does.

To find your Personal Month, add the single-digit value of the current month to your Personal Year number.
For example, if you are in an 8 Personal Year and you want to know your Personal Month for April, add the
8 (for the Personal Year cycle) to the 4 (for April) = 12, which is reduced to 3. April is your 3 Personal Month
if you are in an 8 Personal Year.

Your Personal Day is found by adding your Personal Month (in the example, *3*) to the calendar day.

  • One year –  is a Leader, New beginnings, self initiative, functions best alone
  • One month – Assume command, take charge, leadership
  • One day – Business deals and good for appointment
  • Two year – Partnerships, cooperation, association, marriage, divorce, romantic interests. Good year
    to marry and divorce
  • Two month – Work with association, success with women, business or social.
  • Two day – Work with association, agreements, requires need to be tactful, diplomatic


  • Three year – Self expression, social, friendly new ideas
  • Three month – Public, social, optimistic or pessimistic
  • Three day – All forms of self expression


  • Four year –  hard work and possibility of hard times financially.  Slow deliberate starts. Good time to
    purchase a home provided it is done frugally.  Good time to sell property.
  • Four month – work to build a strong foundation.
  • Four day – work, work and more work


  • Five year – Pleasure orientated, food, entertainment, must be willing to except rapid and constant change.
  • Five month – careful of decisions, brings pleasant change
  • Five day – Personal contacts, travel, change.


  • Six year – Responsibility, obligations, love, marriage, divorce.
  • Six month – Love/Marriage, obligations, finances go well.
  • Six day –  Start nothing that can’t be completed this day, and not a good day for travel


  • Seven year – rest, solitude and quiet thinking.  Craves silence.  Good time to investigate or learning.  Distrustful of things or people we are unsure of.
  • Seven month – Delays, life seems to have slowed down, good time for agreements.
  • Seven day – Self meditation, rest.


  • Eight year –  Year of work and money.  Males, authority figures, governmental issues, Inheritance. Year to make money not save it.
  • Eight month – All opportunities can be presented.
  • Eight day – Material aspects.


  • Nine year – Finish, completion a year of endings, natural endings, not those we instigate.
  • Must be of assistance to others.  Overly emotional year.  Brings foreign travel.
  • Nine month –  Help others.  Each month in a nine year is a recap of past years.
  • Nine day – Finish, start nothing new.

Your  Challenge Numbers

We are all born with strengths and weaknesses, and numerology sees life as a learning process that is meant to bring out and improve our talents and skills, and turn our weaknesses into strengths. This is a full completion of our being.

Numerology states that there are four challenges that we face in our lives. For some you can find the same or similar challenges repeated, while other people can have four completely different challenges.

  • Your First Challenge begins in the early stages of your life and usually lasts until early mid-life, by which time you will have learnt the lesson required. The duration of the First Challenge usually lasts from birth until approximately the age of 30 to 35.
  • Your Second Challenge will move in before you have even completed your First Challenge, and will stay with you throughout most of the middle part of your life. The duration of the Second Challenge usually lasts from age 30/35 to around age 55/60.
  • Your Third Challenge will be felt throughout your life and is felt more intensely than the other Challenges, which makes it unique. The Third Challenge is also called your Main Challenge.
  • Your Fourth Challenge approaches in mid-late life, and stays with you until the end. The Fourth and Final Challenge starts around age 60 to 65.

Challenge Numbers are derived  from your birthday, but this time we subtract.

To calculate your challenge numbers, start add together all of the numbers of your birth date and reduce to a single digit. December 19, 1987 = 12+19+1987 = 2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11 > 1+1= 2

  • To find the First Challenge number, take the digits from the month and day, which are 12 and 19, and subtract the smaller from the larger figure.  19 -12 = 7
  • To find the Second Challenge number, take the digits for the day and year, which are 19 and 7,
    (1+9+8+7 = 25 = 2+5=7) and again subtract the smaller figure from the larger: 19 -7 = 12 > 1+2=3
  • To find the Third or Main Challenge, take the First Challenge number  and Second Challenge number and subtract the smallest figure from the larger. So the First Challenge number for the example is 7, and the Second Challenge number is 3, so we would have: 7-3 = 4
  • To find the Fourth Challenge number take the digits of the month and year, which are 12 and 7, and subtract the smaller figure from the larger. So we would have 12-7 = 5

Understanding Your Challenges:

  • One challenge is not to procrastinate, must make plans and decisions by yourself for yourself.
  • Two challenge is to be truthful, not to whine or self pity, and understand that you cannot function alone.
  • Three challenge is not to gossip, be overly emotional, scatter your energy, or be forgetful.
  • Four challenge to learn to enjoy work.  No short cuts will work out at this time.  Tendency to procrastinate.
  • Five challenge self indulgent, addictive personality issues, too much of a good thing, tend to overdo.
    Can be fickle or thrill seeking.
  • Six challenge – Must be willing to assist others, but, when asked else it comes to meddling.  Never volunteer
    in a six year.
  • Seven challenge – remain patient, number of addiction, not a good time to socialize or be with people.  Noises seem to be much louder during this time.
    Eight challenge – Need to be a leader and not to lean on others.  Must be charitable.  Open conflict between
    responsibility to yourself and others.
  • Nine challenge – feelings are impersonal and when we try to address it otherwise we create major issues.
    Cry to release tension.