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Changing your name after divorce:
good idea or bad karma?
I have been asked many time by those divorced or recently divorced about  considering going back to their maiden name.They are concerned about how  the change will effect them – will it change them back to who they were before they were married, or will it make them different from who they are now, of won’t it make any difference at all.Your name at birth is your finger print for all of your life.  The name closest to the name given at birth is the most favorable for you.  It is the name that directs you and gives you the lessons you are here to learn.In the past custom directed that  women give up their birth name to take that of her husband.  If we accept the fact that the name is our fingerprint, then the woman gives up much for the relationship.    A part of the her true self is lost in order to strengthen the relationship.However, if the relationship ends, the woman, as a rule, has an easier time finding herself if she starts using her own name again.  Today many women are choosing to keep their birth names.  Personally, I would advise to have both names analyzed before making a choice on the new name or keeping the old. There is a lot to consider when making these kinds of choices.

Both men and women change their names for numerous reasons – marriage, adoption, career requirements, etc. Intuitively or coincidentally they end up with the perfect name for them, with the number combinations that are correct just for them.  The new name or names will have a strong impact.  Most certainly there will be a change and many times in a very positive way.


How to find the personal year for yourself or a friend

If your unsure of your personal year, just follow the rule of looking at the Universal Year for 2017, add the numbers across 2+0+1+7= 10 add the 10, 1+0 = 1. Now to find your own personal year, add your birth month and day together (ex. August 7th) 8 + 7 = 15 reduce to single number 1 + 5 = 6. The universal year is a 1 add 8 for your birth month and 7 for the birthday. So, your numbers puts you in a 7 personal year.

Do this for a friend or that special someone so you have a better idea of how your years will go together.

For a quick glance of your 2017 personal year (add your personal numbers to the universal number) Now also do this for someone close to you to see what might need work in 2017.

1 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; You will see many things in a positive way. Cooperation will be quite good between you as each will see the others point of view. Do watch the nerves each would prefer to be the leader.

2 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; Can be a bit explosive, the 1 person will tend to be nit picky. This can cause some bickering and could bring separations because of the emotional side.

3 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; Don’t expect them to want to socialize and play. That is your year, they will tend to be a bit sarcastic, but if worked at this can be a good year.

4 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; Considerable stress in communicating. They will tend to be too serious for your liking. Sexuality might become manipulative. Good combination in business ventures.

5 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; Can be irritated due to other opinions and variety of interests. Things can go well one minute then off key the next.

6 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; Their feeling all goes well may make you irate at times. If you overly cling to them this will not go well. On the emotional side it will go well, but if you want to much togetherness they will resent being tied down.

7 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; you may find your quiet impatient and inconsiderate due to tensions. Responsibility and or mutual trust may be impeded.

8 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; Can have arguments and strong discussions with each trying to be the winner. Great business combination when positive, if negative look out.

9 Personal Year with the 1 Universal Year; If selfishness sets in this is a bad combination. Power plays caused by money disagreements will tip the scale.



When deciding to take a chance on luck, look at the time of day via the clock.

                          Use the time according to this schedule below.

TIME is read;  1 to 12 am      13 to 24 pm

Look at what day you are in, use the appropriate number for the day.

DAYS – Monday l,  Tuesday 2,  Wednesday 3,  Thursday 4,  Friday 5,
Saturday 6,  Sunday 7

Next look at the number of letters in your name.

Example ; Number of letters in name; Pauline Leigh Carine = 18, always lucky for that
person.  Lucky numbers; combine birthday and month 10+17=1017 or  108, 18,or 9.

This gives four magic numbers; use one that suits you best.   Use the number
of day of week and number of hour at which you play or bet.

EX. 4 pm on Friday.  4 pm =16, Friday = 5 combined 165 or 75.  Then
1+6+5=12 or 1+2=3 gives you four magic numbers.

Keynote:  Number of letters in name and hour of play.

(Ex.) Name 9, lucky number at 8 pm.  Combine 9+20 to make 920.  Add
9+2+0=11.  Add 1+1=2.  Gives magic number 920, 29, 11, 2.  Use the one that
suits you best.  Pinnacles of success: day of birth 17 and month 10.  1710
or 810, 81, or 9.

Another way of doing this is to look at the Lady luck method:

Number letters in sweethearts name (ex.) 17+ letters in your name 18 = 1718 or 89, 17 or 8.  Use one that suits you best.  For more then l lucky number in a day add hour.  Only change when hour changes.

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